Strawberry Macarons and a Macaron Kit Giveaway! [Closed]

Strawberry Macarons

Today there's so much exciting news to share with you, I'm all giddy about it. Firstly, it's my birthday! I normally don't really care for birthdays, particularly my own, but I'm turning 25 and that's sort of a big deal, right?! A quarter of a century... Let's not think too much about it!!

Secondly, I've made heavenly strawberry macarons to celebrate this day. They're pink, lovely and delicious! I used a macaron mat making them, which made everything so much easier. And lastly, Silikomart and I wanted to give one reader the macaron kit as well. Joyful news!

Macaron Kit by Silikomart

The Silikomart macaron kit comes with a bright pink macaron mat, disposable piping bags and a manual/recipe guide. Because the circles are already formed on the mat, it made all of my macarons of the same, circular size. Normally, I draw circles on a piece of parchment which is incredibly tedious and time consuming to do. Plus, using disposable bags to pipe the batter means less cleaning up - always great!

I really recommend the macaron kit for someone who is still learning or a beginner at making macarons, as it omits a few tricky parts of the process. And macarons are challenging enough to bake; everything that makes it easier, is a winner in my book! I'll definitely keep using the macaron mat in the future when making macarons.

The cookbook 'Mad about Macarons' by Jill Colonna from Good Cook Publishing, was given to me by Silikomart. And the recipe I've made is inspired from the book!

Macaron Mat by Silikomart

Macaron Mat by Silikomart

Macaron Mat by Silikomart

Strawberry Macarons: I used the base recipe in the book from 'Mad about Macarons' and added strawberry jam and pink food coloring.

Ingredients for Macarons:
- 180g ground almonds
- 270g icing sugar
- 150g organic egg whites
- 100g fine caster sugar
- a tablespoon of strawberry powder (from dried strawberries) if you insist on having the cookies a strawberry flavor too

- Line three flat baking sheets with grease-proof paper and set aside.
- Whisk the egg whites (at room temperature) to glossy firm peaks adding the caster sugar gradually. If making coloured macarons, then add a dash of colouring towards the end of mixing.
- Sift together your ground almonds with the icing sugar using a medium sieve and mix well.
- Incorporate the beaten egg whites into the dry ingredients using a large spatula. Mix well. (There is no need to “fold” the mixture.)
- Work on the mixture using a plastic scraper. Press down well with the scraper, going back and forward, to press out the oxygen from the whites. Do this for no more than 5 minutes until you have a smooth mixture. The result should fall like a “ribbon” off the scraper.
- Transfer the mixture to a piping bag with a plain 1cm round tip.
- Pipe out 3cm rounds, leaving a good space between each as they do spread out.
- Leave for about 30 minutes to set.
- While they are setting preheat the oven to 160°C fan setting. If you do not have a fan oven you may need to make the temperature slightly higher.
- Bake in the centre of the oven for about 10-12 minutes.
- When ready, leave on the baking tray until cool then scrape them all off carefully with a palette knife.

Strawberry Jam Buttercream filling:

- 3 tablespoons strawberry jam at room temperature
- 1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
- 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
- 1-2 cups powdered sugar
- 1 drop pink food coloring

In a bowl with an electric mixer, pulse the strawberry jam. Add in butter and vanilla, and 1 cup of the sugar. Pulse until well combined. Add in small amounts the rest of the powdered sugar, pulsing after each addition, to reach the desired consistency. Add in food coloring. Frosting should be smooth and soft, yet hold its shape.

Strawberry Macarons

Strawberry Macarons

Strawberry Macarons

Strawberry Macarons

Silikomart is offering one reader this great macaron kit!

All you have to do is:

1. Leave a comment telling me which macaron-flavor you would love to bake.
A classic flavor? Or an exotic combination? I would love to hear your ideas.

2. For a second entry, 'Like' Paris Loves Pastry on Facebook, and state so
in your comment, even if you're already following us.

3. For another extra entry, become a public follower of Paris Loves Pastry on Blogger.

4. Extra entry: Follow me on Twitter!

5. Last extra entry, follow me on Instagram! Username: DanielleTdd

Don't forget to leave me your e-mail adress in the comment!

Giveaway closes on December 1st.
It is open to all countries.

Giveaway is closed!



Lilacandgrey said…
I would LOVE to win this! I was actually thinking the other day that I wanted to try to make strawberry macaroons (my fave!)!
Siena in Style said…
Im following you and LIKED the page on Facebook, also following via insstagram!!!:)
Ana V. Lopez said…
Love macarons! Chocolate ones are my favourites!
And i would love to win this giveaway!
I'm allready following you on fb and blogger.
Flavia Galasso said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!'re so young :*...have a nice day , blessings, Flavia

I prefer classic macarons

my e-mail
Happy Birthday doll!! Yay, that's wonderful..I hope you have a marvellous time :)) Have just had my first macaron believe it or not..haha! And I love them, the chocolate filled ones are my favourite :)) But, I would love to learn to make them & try new exotic ones too! I've liked you on FB already (Timbarika Von Doll) I follow you already on Twitter as well (Ms. Dainty Doll) Am I'm following you on Instagram now too (username: mskizzydoll). Here is my email address for you also:

Most importantly, have a very beautiful and happy birthday, may all your wishes come true now and always!! xox

Unknown said…
I've never made macaroons, but I have tasted them and they are like little cookie heavens :) The best macaroon flavor I had when I went to paris was this strawberry kind. If these taste anything like those, then I can't wait to make them! But I'd also like to make something like gingerbread, but I'm not sure if that would be too heavy as a macaroon.
I can't believe I've never seen the macaron mat before! That would be an incredible help! I die for rose should I win the prize...that's what I'll be making!
I follow you on blogger (Pâtisserie Paris)
I follow you on Instagram (ceilidhsmith)
nabila azmi said…
hi2..hi hi

question 1: i think i would love to try all kinds of flavour since i never try to make one ..i really wanna try to bake one!!
maybe a mix flavour or make 2 flacour in 1 macaron like chocolate n vanilla =)

qustion 2: done follow your page at facebook=)

question 3:done follow u at blog for a long time hehe..=)

question 4 n 5: sadly i never ever have twitter because im afraid i cant focus on my study hehe..n i dont have instagram cause i only use simple handphone..

n my email :
or u can contact me through my blog :

stay happy..n happy birthday !!=)..
- A - said…
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- A - said…
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Laura's Bakery said…
Would love to win this set! I really want to make a salted caramel macaron, i tasted this once and it's delicious. now i want to make this myself.

I already followed you on instgram, blogger and facebook en just followed you on twitter!
My email:

and congrats ofcourse! quart of a century, something to celebrate!
Cassie said…
I would Love to win this kit, it's so pretty! I'm a big fan of pink, so I would definitely like to try the Strawberry Macaroons as my first attempt. I already "like" you on Facebook! Have a Happy Birhtday!
cassie_lewis@ hotmail(dot)com
kopeckacz said…
I would probably try some classic flavors first - for example vanilla with white chocolate cream. Then I'd try something more extravagant - maybe pineapple with dark chocolate (choc macaron with pineapple cream).

I follow you on Facebook and on Blogger. I'm not using Twitter that much and don't have Instagram.
Silvinha said…
Oh, I want so badly to learn how to make macaroons! Passion fruit for me :)

I follow on Facebook and twitter (s_underfoot).
Susan said…
Pistachio. Definitely pistachio...maybe with a chocolate filling.
Susan said…
i follow you via gfc as Ava Grace's Closet.
Susan said…
i follow you on twitter as @avagracescloset
Susan said…
annnnd I liked your fb page! Great giveaway!
How fun! I have been dying to try making them!! The strawberry looks amazing but I once had a mocha flavor that was crazy good too.

I just followed you on Facebook.

Jessica said…
It's hard to pick just one flavor, but my husband loves pistachio with chocolate ganache filling. :)
Mariel Torres said…
Oh my goodness! Winning this would make me the happiest girl in the world hehe.

I agree with Silvinha, passion fruit all the way :D
Lindsay said…
This is such an amazing giveaway! I love green tea macs made with macha powder.

I just liked you on fb! :)
oh wow i would love to try this! I would probably either go for a coffee flavor (always a favorite for me) or maybe maple flavored! (my new obsession <3)
ps: i already liked your fb *Skylure Templeton* and Twitter *kidcaella* and google friend *skylure genevieve*
miss b said…
These look amazing and that's my favourite shade of pink. I'm a macaron addict! During my recent holiday to Oman I had sandalwood flavour and raspberry and rosemary which I would love to recreate - deliciously different!
Mink said…
Happy Birthday!! My Birthday was the day before!! ;) but I turned 28 :S Hope you had a fantastic day!!

I would love to make Cherry Blossom Macarons!! so delicious :D
I already follow you on Twitter and Instagram :)
fookyfriends said…
Happy birthday! =) Greetings from Singapore! this giveaway looks so awesome, i really hope i can get it!

I would like to bake classic Macaron flavours, but i would really really want to try making a pistacho-flavoured one. or a black sesame flavoured one. =)

Have liked you on facebook! and am following you on Blogger as well. Pity i don't have a twitter or instagram account though.

my email is:
Vivienne said…
I like chocolate macarons best, but I'm open to trying other flavors.
Unknown said…
And of course I like you on Facebook :)
Unknown said…
I follow you on blogger to :) I don't have a twitter, otherwise I would follow you on that too.
Unknown said…
ANNNND I follow you on Instagram. I like your cats :P
Jasmine said…
Lovely pink macarons..How cute!
Haven't made macarons for ages.. I would like to make some right now.
I'm already following you in FB and Blogger!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday! What a beautiful young woman you are! Jennet
Anonymous said…
I love to look at macs as well as make and eat them. Such cheery colours! Would like to see a white chocolate and raspberry flavour :)

Bonny Millar
Alyse said…
I would like to try pinapple/mango as a flavor combination.
Happy birthday! Yes, 25 is a big deal.
Anonymous said…
I've always wanted to try a lemon or blueberry macaron would be really good!
Snooky doodle said…
i would like to try coffee and hazelnut filling
Roman said…
I would love to make a batch of Lemon Verbina Macarons!

My email is Roman.c.moss(at)gmail (dot)com
Anonymous said…
I would love to win this! I've never made any macarons and in my Country it is a little bit difficult to find them, so I'd love to win and make my first. I think I would like a chocolate macaron for starters and then trying new flavors! :) My e-mail is
Mari said…
Wonderful gift. My favorite combination of flavors - a white chocolate, vanilla and raspberry. 'm Following you on FB and a frequent visitor to the blog. My email @
Fortabtiparis said…
I would love that kit! Since I've only made chocolate macarons, I would like to try your strawberry ones - I absolutely love strawberry!!

email: fortabtiparis @ gmail . com
romitta said…
Belli, io non li ho mai assaggiati, chissà che mi perdo!!! Qui da noi in Italia non si vedono spesso nelle pasticcerie, ma mi piacerebbe provare questi alla fragola, che buoni!!!! Grazie per la ricetta e spero di vincere il kit! Romina
Lisa K said…
I would make chocolate.
What a lovely and delicious strawberry to make at home...
dcb1022 said…
Oh, how I would love to win! I follow you but alas, my macarons are not up to your standards! My favorite are the chocolate and the hazelnut, I would like to make chai and pumpkin <3
dcb1022 said…
Hi, I am not sure if I left my email address :(( I would like to make chai or pumpkin but so far my favorites are chocolate and hazelnut! My email is Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving! <3 Donna Blair
dcb1022 said…
Hi, I would like to make chai or pumpkin but so far my favorites are chocolate and hazelnut! My email is Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving! Donna Blair
dspence said…
Lemon or pistacio macaroons. Nom!!!
Sumaiyyah said…
I've only ever made made macarons once in my life and they were a total baking failure. They tasted lovely though, like crispy, pillow-y marshmallows. They were the only macs I ever ate in my life too. If I could bake up a batch, I think a simple vanilla-flavoured macaron would be nice- with chocolate filling.

I liked you on FB.

I've been a follower of your blog for a while now. You bake really lovely things.

I also followed you on twitter.

Happy Birthday, to both of us! (I turned 24 on November 21st)

My email is sumaiyyahabidah [at] gmail [dot] com.
ann sue(: said…
I'd love to bake earl-grey + cookies & cream macarons! Two of my most favorite flavors.


PICK ME, PICK ME! I'll make happy macarons with the kit too! <3
My favorite are pistachio macaroons.
I like Paris Loves Pastry on Facebook.
I have followed on twitter.

And my email (for the other entries too) is curiouscuisiniere (at) gmail (dot) com
Amy Rodriguez said…
My 13 year old daughter loves baking! She told me that she wants to try to make Pumpkin Spice Macarons, Coconut Macarons, Chocolate Macarons with Nutella filling, etc.! Where I live you cannot find them, anywhere! You can email both and :)
Jasmine said…
BTW, cheesecake-filled macarons are my favorites. Hope I can make some soon!
Unknown said…
Oh how super cool!!! I love love love macarons ....I would have to try your strawberry recipe for sure...and maybe some mint chocolate ones too!!!!
Clementine said…
Happy belated birthday to the author! These strawberry macarons look absolutely delicious, and the macaron kit by Silikomart seems like a great tool for beginners. Thank you for sharing the recipe and instructions - I can't wait to try making these at home! To discuss more about
Professional baking classes in Chennai

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