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Spanish Lemon Almond Cake / Tarta de Santiago

There's a Spanish take-away spot next to my work that sells the most delicious Spanish foods. During my pregnancy, I would go often for their manchego cheese sandwich as it was one of the few things I could eat without getting sick. They also serve amazing olives, feta cheeses, and other home-made Spanish delicacies.  During one of my breaks I tried the only sweet cake they sell: Tarta de Santiago. The lady from the shop explained it was a traditional Spanish cake made from almond flour and lemon. I brought it back to my work and shared with a collegue who also shares my love for sweet things. We were amazed at this cake! It was incredibly moist and bursting with so much flavour. My collegue said, "you should try to bake this!" So here is my first attempt. I plan on perfecting this recipe, so there will be more variations of this recipe to come. This recipe I found online on a Spanish food website.  You will need a lot of lemon zest, and I can't live without my trus

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