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Dutch Chocolate Peanut Brittle / aka 'Pindarotsjes'

I call this, "how to use up your Easter/Christmas chocolate leftovers part 3" . Every year after Easter, I have many many, very large I might add, chocolate Easter bunnies. I you follow this blog religiously, you'll notice how all of my recipes are chocolate recipes after Easter. So I start by baking the usual brownies, chocolate chunk cookies, etcera. But after my second batch of brownies I brought to my work, I wanted to make something different.  In The Netherlands we often give 'pindarotsjes' as a present. You buy these at a chocolatier, but I figured they would be easy enough to make them myself. And they were. It's literally just as simple as 1, 2, 3! 1) You melt the chocolate. 2) You add peanuts. 3) And let spoonfuls of chocolate/peanut brittle cool off. And voila! I seriously could not keep my hands off of them! Be careful to use really, REALLY good chocolate as this is the main ingredient. Dutch lesson: did you know 'pindarotsjes' means

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