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Unicorn Chip Cookies

You would think I'd marry a man who loves my baking. Unfortunately, I fell in love with a man who almost never eats sweets. My husband loves savory snacks, such as nuts, chips, and pretzels sticks. And he never tries anything I bake (I always bake sweet things). So you can imagine my absolute SHOCK when he said to me " these are the best cookies you've ever made!" . I mean, I didn't even had to bribe him to try a cookie. He actually, without me asking, on his own, tried one of my cookies. So what are these mystical cookies? Unicorn chip cookies. I bought the unicorn chips in the States at a Wallmart in Arizona and I brought them to the Netherlands in my suitcase. I was afraid the TSA would confiscate them , as they searched my suitcase with the only two souvenirs I bought (these unicorn chip cookies and a Cap'n Crunch pancake mix). They must have thought the pancake mix would be some other substance. Luckily, I was able to bring them home and start baking.

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