Is Easter an appropriate time to bake pies? Yes? Okay! I really wanted to bake this Easter pie I read about, Neapolitan Easter Pie, but the grocery store doesn’t have any spring wheat :(! Sob. So here are three other pies that sound delicious:

Buttermilk Pie: a buttermilk pie (for readers who, like me, have never tasted one) consists of a single pie-crust filled with buttermilk custard. I like buttermilk, so I’m deemed to like this recipe!

Run for the Roses Pie: a pie named after the Kentucky Derby horse races. It is filled with pecans, chocolate chips and, my favorite, dark rum. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; I looove rum!

Grandma Friendship’s Raisin Pie: not my grandma, but a raisin pie sounds lovely and delicious!

Warmest regards,


I voted on the "Run for the Roses Pie", simply because I love anything rum-flavored! Yummmmmy!!
Anonymous said…
I think rum and chocolate encased in a sweet pastry is such an enticing thought! I neeed to see it materialized! :)
They all sound divine! :o How to choose? How about all 3? :D
Greetings from the sand of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I can't wait to get to knoe ou better, in the meantime I think I will back the MS coffee cake. Love this place, I'll be back.

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