High Tea at Teazone

High Tea at Teazone


It's been far too long since I've done a post of something other than food I made myself.
So I'm showing you guys my pictures of the high tea I did a few days ago.

I had been looking forward to it for months, and finally managed to squeeze an afternoon in for it.

Teazone is a tea place in my city, Maastricht here in the Netherlands.
It makes lots of English cakes and scones. And has an impressive 50+ tea choices.

Our high tea had 4 courses.
Every course was accompanied with a delicious different tea.

We started with a plateau of sandwiches; salmon, tuna, egg salad, olives & chicken.

High Tea at Teazone

The teapots were so precious!
And the hourglass informed if your tea was ready to drink.

High Tea at Teazone

This mini quiche was so incredibly delicious.
The fork is a dessert fork, so it might give you an idea of how teeny the quiche was!

High Tea at Teazone

And for the final course we had the dessert tray which featured:
a carrot cake, cheesecake, apple tart, brownie, truffle, powdered hazelnut cookie, chocolate chip cookie... per person!

High Tea at Teazone

I felt so sated afterwards!
But so worth it!

Hope you're having a pleasant afternoon and a good start to the year!


I love high tea! There's a place in Chicago near me that my family and I used to always go to for Christmas. Some of my best memories are from those lunches!
Unknown said…
Ohh. What a nice set up. I like the dessert course the most ;)
I'maNolaGirl said…
This looks heavenly. We took Jane to a Christmas tea. While she doesn't yet understand how amazing high tea is, I think she knew it was fancy!
Julye said…
Looks so cute - love the english tea :D!!

Jocelyn + Cathy said…
Woww, the tea pot and tea timer are so adorable...Cheers to a new year!

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