Molding Chocolate: Butterscotch-filled Fall Chocolates

Butterscotch Filled Chocolates

I've teamed up with Italian silicone-mold brand Silikomart, which you'll be hearing more about very soon. In the meanwhile I've kept myself busy by trying one of their chocolate silicone molds. I've never done chocolate molding before, but reading the product description it seemed easy enough... so I gave it a go! It was so easy! They were literally done within 15 minutes. All you need to do is melt chocolate (I prefer using a double-boiler, but can be done with a microwave as well), spoon it into the silicone mold and let it harden in the refrigerator. Et voilà! Done!

I made these incredibly beautiful Fall leaves. The precise details on them are gorgeous! I happen to spot more Silikomart chocolate-molds in a store today and I think I'm going to make some more Christmas-inspired chocolates for December. I'm dying for these gingerbread men & candy cane molds! Such a lovely, easy treat to give to family and friends, especially during the holidays (I've already gave away my chocolates, with rave reviews!!). Be sure to use a very high quality chocolate, such as Valhrona, Lindt or Côte D'or. I added butterscotch chips to make them a bit more unique. Does anyone have any other great tips on adding flavors to chocolate?

The 'nature' chocolate mold by Silikomart.

Chocolate Mold by Silikomart

Butterscotch Filled Chocolates

Ps. I'm love with my new birds napkins :)

And they were generous enough to send some new cookbooks as well:

New Cookbooks!


Unknown said…
Aww these are cute! I love anything that has a holiday theme to it. I'm pretty sure if I allowed myself I would get every knick-knacky item relating to holidays that's out there.

I like the idea of adding butterscotch chips too. It's a good flavor combination :)
Liana said…
These look fun! I agree with Becca - I love anything with a holiday theme as it gives me an opportunity to try out new flavour combinations for each season. I'd try and fill them with a flavoured fondant, it's really easy to make and you can buy fondant pre-made nowadays which makes it even easier :)
Tip Top Shape said…
Love those chocolate molds! I want to get myself some now :)
miss b said…
These are just perfect for autumn. I have the Mad About Macarons book - it's a beautiful book with gorgeous images not to mention amazing flavours of macarons.
Paris Pastry said…
@Becca: Me too! I love Christmas shopping.

@The baker: Thanks for the fondant tip!

@Tip top shape: We can share?! :)

@Snooky doodle: Thank you :)!

@miss b: Can't wait to start baking macarons from the book!

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