'Laduree: The Sweet Recipes' Baking Book Giveaway! New Domain Celebration! [Closed]


It finally happened!
ParisPastry.blogspot.com is now ParisLovesPastry.com

I've thought long and hard about the new domain and name.
Why choose a different name you might wonder...

Well, ParisPastry.com is taken by a Californian bakery.
Plus, pastry-legend David Leibovitz has a new book out named 'Paris Pastry'
(which might mean that he paid a visit to my blog once..?!), so that might end up
for confusion. Especially since he has the name 'Paris Pastry' taken on Twitter.
And, I don't want to confuse anyone with this blog and the great
ParisBreakfasts.blogspot.com blog.

So voilá!

Still staying true to the catchy 'Paris Pastry' phrase, I decided to go for
Paris Loves Pastry. Because I do. I love Paris and I LOVE pastry.

And what's a celebration without a gift?
A very special gift I might add.

I spotted this book when I stayed in Paris last Summer.
At the time, there was only the French version. But I immediately knew I wanted to
give one of my readers a copy of this book when the English version would come out.

How To Enter:
(everyone across the world may join)

1. Leave a comment here with your email address.
If you have a Blogger account and your email is on there, that's fine too.

2. For a second entry, become or be a public follower of Paris Pastry on Blogger.
I hate to be prissy about this, but I do actually check if you are.

3. For a third entry, Like Paris Loves Pastry on Facebook.

4. For a fourth entry, follow Paris Loves Pastry on Twitter.

The green links will direct you to Facebook and Twitter.
But, they are on the top of the sidebar as well.

Giveaway closes on July 10th somewhere at the end of July, when I'm back from vacation! Bonne Chance!


Ladurée Sucré

Ladurée Sucré

Laduree Macarons & Sucre Recipe Book
Images: 1, 2, 3, 4


Jody Smith said…
Love the new name! jodes8681@hotmail.com
Shazwani said…
Hi, what a great giveaway! And your carrot cake recipe is definitely a keeper. Thank you! -shazwaniabdrahman@gmail.com
`amirahh said…
Oh lovely! :)

thy email: amirah_90@hotmail.com
Mary Ellen said…
Lovely macarons! Since they are difficult to find here, I'll just have to make my own. Love your beautiful photos!
Anonymous said…
Just stumbled upon your blog and am excited to continue to look around. You have some mouth-watering pictures!
My email is curiouscuisiniere (at) gmail (dot) com.
Anonymous said…
Curious Cuisiniere is now following you on Facebook!
karoleenah said…
Awesome giveaway! :)
My e-mail is safarikova.karolina@gmail.com
Jasmine said…
Love the new name.
Love the look (pretty late!)
Love the book.
Love the photos.
What not to love?

Rachel Hawks said…
Love Laduree and Paris!

That's wonderful, am so pleased for you and I love the new name :))) I don't usually enter things, but I love baking, so why not!?! my email is: daintydollshouse@yahoo.com and I shall follow you on twitter and facebook too. Have a wonderful weekend doll xx
Unknown said…
Yay! Congrats on your new domain name!!!! That's a bug deal and I think the new name fits very well :)
Unknown said…
And you know I follow your blog ;) I absolutely love the photos and recipes.
Unknown said…
And I also follow you on Facebook :D
Unknown said…
I love this blog and all your great recipes. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
Unknown said…
I love this blog and all your great recipes. Thanks for the giveaway! :)
Unknown said…
I'm a Facebook follower!
Your dress is amazing, love the design :)) I hope these 4 weeks go by fast, so your foot will be totally better!! Have a wonderful weekend. xx
Anonymous said…
Hello! I love this blog so much and follow you all the time! What a lovely book, almost looks too beautiful to touch! Hahaha
magistra05 said…
Magnificent pictures!
melissa said…
How lovely for you, and, by the way, the photos on your site are beautiful.

Excited to enter the give-away! :)

herbgardener (at) netzero.net
Love the new name and the book looks fab! :)
Silvinha said…
Your blog is lovely! What a great giveway :)

Following on Blogger (Silvinha), Facebook and Twitter (s_underfoot).

Katie said…
Thanks for the chance!
Kathy S. said…
I'm a fan and have been following you for over a year...would love to have this book!
Julia said…
ParisLovesPastry is Perfect - every morsel of it. You are such an inspiration to bakers at all levels and your emails are ones that I actually look forward to. Merci Beaucoup!!
Thia Tee said…
Ooooh I came here just in time!! I had been eyeing Ladurée book from afar but was too afraid to buy it because of the language barrier.

i've never been to paris before I wish I had but food have definitely brought me closer to my dreams! hahaha If I don't ever get to paris I would at least be a few inch closer by expanding sideways from too much lovely food :)


talethiefphotography@gmail.com or go to my blog there should be a link there!
Sophie Provencher said…
Hello ! Though this is my first comment I have been following this site for over a year now and it's great ! Every recipe looks delicious and makes me want to try it! I've had a lot of compliments on the recipes I took from this site and I have you to thank ! I would love to have this book so much :) so I guess I just leave my email ? peanut112199@hotmail.com
Carmela said…
Love your recipes. raymhelaika@yahoo.com
Alyse said…
I love your food blog and so many of the recipes.
Thank you.
highheeledlife said…
Congratulations mon ami! the new name is perfect! and what a generous way to celebrate ... please count me in, for your giveaway. And of course I'm already a follower! wishing you a fabulous week-end..xo HHL
Leda Hosier said…
Would love that book and all its macarons!
Thank you so much for such a great giveaway and sharing the love!

My email is jieyubelinda.yek@gmail.com

Anonymous said…
I love the new name and the give away. Merci!
Anonymous said…
I follow your FB page.
Anonymous said…
Love your new name and giveaway as well:)

Anonymous said…
I'm also following you on Blogger..
Anonymous said…
And I also follow your Facebook page (username: Zuzana Navrátilová)..
I <3 Ladurée!
I follow Paris Loves Pastry publicly.
Camila said…
Your blog is such an inspiration to me. The tempting photos are enough to brighten any glum day. Coco loves pastry too! xx
miss b said…
Like the new name. I received this book for my birthday last month and I have to say it is wonderful. I was so excited opening the box and gorgeous tissue paper.
I love your blog :X:X:X:X:X:X
Ana V. Lopez said…
I absolutely love Laduree! This is an amazing give away!
And I'm allready a follower of your blog!
You're blog name is a lovely one as well! I have been your follower since I started my blog and have been drooling over you're beautiful patisserie since then. I hope to be the lucky one to win this book that I can share with my 2 little kiddies. :)
Noni said…
I would love to win! But i dont want to put my e-mail address out in public!
Noni said…
I also follow your blog!
Darlena Alexandria said…
I literally love this blog. The fact that you have vegan recipes up makes me so happy :3 and the new blog name: C'est très magnifique <3

dcb1022 said…
Love Laduree!! I also follow your blog!, Facebook and Twitter, thanks so much! <3
Ines said…
I love your blog!I follow all your entries!It's so chic ;)!

Chantal said…
Alleen de voorkant ziet er al geweldig uit, en dan hebben we het nog niet over de binnenkant gehad! :D
Gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe blog-naam, dat er nog véééééle posts op mogen blijven komen! :D
Marie Arden said…
I think the new name is good and I love Laduree!! I did a post of it too when I was in Paris.
Have a Pink day!
The pastries are so lovely and beautiful! Really inspire me a lot.. Love it! :D

This is my e-mail: yoke.muliahu@gmail.com
I also had liked u in facebook.. :)
Paris Pastry loves your new name, too! ;-)

I published David Lebovitz's Paris Pastry eBook and app. We didn't find you until after after publication (you can read the idea of how our Paris Pastry project started here: http://www.paris-pastry.com/About_Paris_Pastry_App.html).

And I'm sure you've noticed, there's no shortage of websites about Paris and pastries! You're in good company. ;-)

Darlene Payan said…
I am a follower and I love it! Enjoy all the recipes.

Darlene Payan said…
I have a Blogger account with email on it. Best of luck to all of us, I know we all want to win.

Lara said…
Love this blog!
Lara said…
I'm also a facebook follower :)
Lara said…
I follow you on twitter too :)
Tom said…
Bonjour Daniëlle congrats on your new recipe book I was just admiring the Angel Food Cake with Rum Crème Anglaise sauce looks wonderful.
This is my e-mail Fla_Smoothie@yahoo.com
I also (like) & check you out in Facebook.
Cindy said…
Hi! I love your blog, I love pêtisserie and I love that book!
I think I already follow you via twitter and Facebook too.

Miss_Dee said…
Love your blog !

Magali said…
Need that book!

Don't have a twitter account!
Love your blog! Following you in Facebook and Twitter as well :)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! You've come so far since I found you - either 2 years or close to it. You've accomplished so much! I already follow you on FB. jawymer@hotmail.com
Making Sweets said…
Beautiful blog! Congratulations!
And I really loved this book!
aifaa said…
Coming to try for the second time!! I love you,eventho i am kinda sad that you will change ur domain name..somehow parispastry is special to me:(
Mellifluous said…
From the moment I saw your blog, I had to check every new recipe you've made. Keep going! You inspire us all! xx

(email: athinaa_md@hotmail.com)
you love pastries and paris, and i love your blog <3
contactcaella@yahoo.com, im Skylure Templeton on FB, and kidcaella everywhere else ^u^
Maira Gall said…
That book looks amazing!


I´m following your blog and I liked your FB page (as Adorable)
Ggomez said…
Oh I just found your lovely blogs in time! My friend just retuned from paris with this beautiful cookbook! I was green!
I love your new domain name!
kopeckacz said…
Laura's Bakery said…
The pastry in that book looks amazing! I am following your blog, your facebook page and your instagram account :) And I have an blogger account for the email adress. No twitter (yet) for me.

Love your blog, keep on going!
I love Paris and Pastry too and I am a happy follower of your blog! Thanks for the chance.
janeeeeeee said…
Following you on Blogger (janeeeeeee) and Twitter (plaindottedjane).
Thank you! :)
janeeeeeee said…
Instagram too! (janeng)
Holly said…
Love your Blog! Would Love to have this book.
OMG! I LOVE your blog! You are going to make me sell my house and move to Paris if I am not careful. :-)
Lisa said…
I really would love this book. Beautiful pics by the way!

Hi Danielle,

Thank you so much for sharing your passion for French pastry with us! I'm an avid baker too! Furthermore, thank you so much for all these giveaways, sharing awesome stuff with your loyal readers!

Welcome to Instagram! Follow me back, my username is belindayek!

xoxo from Singapore,
Belinda Yek
Nor said…
Bonjour Danielle :)

I'm one of your fans all the way from Qatar.
I have been following not only paris pastry but also your frenchmadame.com and pinterest and lastly your Instagram :)
Hopefully I will be the luckly fan yaay!

Sofia L said…
I´m studying to become a chef,so it´d be wonderful to win this book!

Sofia L said…
I´m following this blog via GFC as Sofia
Hannah Nelson said…
I love this blog. :) Baking is one of my favorite things. :)
I love love love love love this blog, France (I have never been there) a this giveaway! Silvia from Slovakia (kov.silvia@gmail.com)
Nicole said…
Congratulations on all your changes and I'm loving your posts - your photos are amazing. Keep up all the good work - you obviously love it - it shows, and they are the best blogs and things to follow.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Well done ! cjpillow@gmail.com
Anonymous said…
I went to Facebook and liked you. cjpillow@gmail.com
Leigh Ishee said…
Coachswife04@hotmail.com. I love this giveaway!
Leigh Ishee said…
I follow you on instagram too!
moviegirl913 said…
Congrats on the new domain!! Moviegirl913@gmail.com. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
moviegirl913 said…
Congrats on the new domain!!! I love you blog so keep up the good work. My email is moviegirl913@gmail.com. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!
moviegirl913 said…
I like Paris loves Pastry on Facebook. Moviegirl913@gmail.com
Leslie Rigsby said…
I would love this book, even if I don't win it. Please let me know where I can find it, just in case I'm not the winner. My daughter is in pastry school, and she'd love it!


Mandy said…
Love this giveaway and your site!!
lucas said…
how lovely...
i don't know if my e-mail is in my profile, so: carneebatatas@hotmail.com
Yael said…
I love your blog and follow it and liked it on facebook as well.
It would be great to win.
Jessika said…
Just found your blog and I love it so much! Can't wait to start baking some of the stuff <3

Camila said…
I've literally never won anything in my entire life, but I love the chance nonetheless. This book looks amazing though, where can us losers get one? I want the Laduree recipe book - good enough excuse to go to Paris? xx
omnomnom..... seams extradelicious :P et voilà kowloon@yandex.ru
Jasmine said…
To let you know, I'm following you on Blogger, and I liked you on FB as well ^_^
I would love love love to win! Pinkcrocodiledesigns @ hotmail dot com

And I'm a long time blog follower too!

I am now following you on Instagram. Username "ceilidhsmith". Email ceilidhsmith@gmail.com
A-H said…
I've started following ur blog long ago ;)
email: biradambirkadin@gmail.com
BlueWaterHorses said…
Your photos have made me want to spend the summer in France. sgjordan@yahoo.com
Fortabtiparis said…
Beautiful photos - I'm now a public follower on Blogger

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