Blackberry Meringue Cream Pots - 3rd Blogoversary!

Blackberry Meringue Cream Pots

Today my baby is turning 3 years old! Three years of hundreds of recipes, kilos of chocolate, and countless of sweet comments by you. I must admit, a recipe as easy as these blackberry meringue cream pots almost don't suit a birthday, but there will be a bigger celebration in the very near future. You'll just have to wait and see, but you can bet your ass it is paired with a fabulous giveaway!

Back to the blackberry meringue cream pots, or "black and white creams" as Nigella Lawson originally dubbed them. I changed the name to make it more descriptive for the weekly poll. And I love the word pots. And I love these. With just 4 ingredients, they make one of the most simple, easy & delicious desserts I can think of. Rating: 4- out of 5.

Black and White Creams: Nigella Lawson

- 2 teaspoons cassis liqueur
- 1 ¾ cups blackberries, plus ¼ cup reserved for garnish
- 1 cup whipping cream
- 2 meringue nests (from a packet)

- Add the cassis to the 1 ¾ cups blackberries and mash lightly with a fork.
- Whip the cream in a large bowl until thick but still soft. Roughly crumble in 1 of the meringues nests - you will need chunks for texture as well as fine dust.
- Fold in the fruit mixture and arrange on a serving plate in a mound, then crumble over the remaining meringue. Decorate with the remaining ¼ cup blackberries.

“Black and white are added together, in a way that doesn't make gray,
but rather a fabulous, 70's purple
Nigella muses.

Blackberry Meringue Cream Pots

Watch Nigella Lawson make these purple beauties at 8:35.


miss b said…
With cassis liqueur - these sound delicious - Happy 3rd Anniversary! I haven't reached my first yet.
Mariel Torres said…
This is phenomenal considering my serious obsession with black berries hehe

thanks for sharing love!
Tip Top Shape said…
These look delicious! Happy blog-versary :D
Unknown said…
Happy 3rd Blog-aversery *<]:o)

“'Black and white are added together, in a way that doesn't make gray,
but rather a fabulous, 70's purple' Nigella muses."

I love Nigella's voice and the way she describes food ; it's so sensual but in a classy way <3
Eliana said…
Happy Blogoversary! Looking forward to another year of your delicious blog posts.
Moon said…
Congratulations! In the blogworld that's a great anniversary!! And if Nigella makes it, I'll try it!!
Juice said…
Omigosh! Congratulations!
koralee said…
Oh me oh my..... pure joy!!! Happy new week.

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