Paris Pastries: Berko Cupcakes & Poilâne


Yesterday I ventured out to Centre Pompidou.
No, not for the art. For cupcakes.

It seems that the cupcake rage has flown over to France.
Berko Cupcakes is situated on 23, Rue Rambuteau.

They have an endless list of cupcake flavors,
as well tarts, cheesecakes and other sweet treats.

Some of the cupcake flavors included: Nutella, Lemon Meringue,
Speculoos, Salted Caramel, Banoffee, Violet, and many more.

I picked a Key Lime and a Rose cupcake.
They reminded me of the Triple Citrus and Rose cupcakes I baked myself.

Berko Cupcakes

Berko Cupcakes

Berko Cupcakes

Berko Cupcakes

My Rose Cupcakes that I made two years ago.

Rose Cupcakes

I also bought a sourdough bread loaf from Poilâne bakery.
Poilâne is one of France's most famous bakeries.

It is run by the third generation of the Poilâne family,
daughter Appolonia, who took it over in 2002 at the young
age of 17 after her parents died in a helicopter crash.
She is now a Harvard graduate.


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Bonne Journée!



Mmmm amazing pictures and story to boot, glad I found your blog!!
Mariel Torres said…
Cupcakes are always so precious ;)

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