Giveaway: 'Spun Sugar Paperie' Watercolor Notecards! - Closed

Bonjour again!

I hope you enjoyed the 'Parisian Pastries' posts I've done the last few weeks.
Now that I'm home again, I've been enjoying long mornings of baking again.
It's always great to find inspiration on vacation for baking.

I did bring you something from vacation: a giveaway!
Spun Sugar Paperie is donating one lucky reader a set of her
watercolor, Paris-inspired notecards

Spun Sugar Paperie
Spun Sugar Paperie
The winner gets to choose his/hers 6 favorite notecards.
This giveaway is open to readers all over the world.

Spun Sugar Paperie

All you have to do is:

1) Visit Spun Sugar Paperie's shop on Etsy and tell me which item(s) you like.
(not your favorite 6 notecards from above, just other items in the shop)

2) Leave a comment with your contact information. If you have a Blogger account,
and your email is on there, that's fine too.

3) For a second entry, become or be a public follower of Paris Pastry on Blogger.

4) For a third entry, follow Paris Pastry on Facebook.
See Facebook button on the right bar -->

This giveaway closes on September 3rd.
Bonne chance!

This giveaway is closed!


aifaa said…
I can write as many item as I want? Really? That would be nice. Because I don't know which one to choose as they look very pretty!

firstly, I would go for this, Desserts on Pedestals very Laduree - Cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons - ORIGINAL Watercolor Painting 6 x 9

because for all the delicious food on the table! Serious they make me hungry, especially the eclairs. Yum.

and secondly, which is very surprising to me, I wanted to pick the Pastry Menu and Rose St Honore [seriously! no kidding!] as i clicked on the tab and went searching on down, I saw the two of them in a set! HOW LUCKY IS THAT??

Well, to be honest, your blog is my favourite. Seriously, I bake some of your creations and my friends love it. They asked for the recipe and I showed yours, it turned out they LOVED it. I seriously have no intentions to praise for you to choose me as a winner, but I just want to inform.

Hi and salam from Malaysia,
Wan 'Aifaa Shafia.

email :
Age : 16
Eden Angel said…
Thanks to you and Spun Sugar Paperie for another giveaway!

It's so hard to choose, they're all so beautiful but I love 4 6 11 17 18 and 19

I'm a follower on Facebook (Najwan Najnoja) and Blogger as well as your other blog :) xx
Paris Pastry said…
@Wan 'Aifaa: Awww thank you for the sweet note :)
The Marie Antoinette Pink Roses print is beautiful but really they all are. Love the note cards too. Thanks for the chance to win some. Love you blog and I'm and have been a follower!
Magali said…
Hi! I am a big fan of your blog and have done some recipes already with lots of success!!
I want to participate in the giveaway.
My favorite item in the Spun Sugar Paperie is the print named "Three Ice Cream Cones - Digital Print of original watercolor painting 5 x 7"
Hafirdaus said…
All is beautiful....but i really love no.5,6,7,16,17,22.
I'm your big fan from Shah
Lucila said…
Hi I´m from Argentina! I love all the Notecards, specially with macarrones: 4, 5, 7, 16, 19 and 13.
I love your blog very much, I allways copy the recipe and try to make it! kisses. Lucila (
Lian said…
wat een leuke kaarten zeg! en wat een goede actie ;)

hopelijk was je vakantie heerlijk, de foto's en al het lekkers zag er iig goed uit!

omdat ik de kaarten zo mooi vind doe ik ook mee...doe normaal nooit aan dit soort acties mee ;) maargoed, ik vind de Laduree Macaron Flavors Menu kaart het leukst!!

En ik volg je natuurlijk al een tijdje als public follower en via facebook!
Oh, I love the cakes on the pedestals, and the three ice cream cones! Oh, I really love them all!
Kelene said…
Wow!! They are all so beautiful!! I really like 2,5,7,8,19,20. Love your blog!! <3
Kathy S. said…
I'm so glad you are home and cooking again but I loved all your posts from Paris!
I love the note cards with the lemon macarons!
Mandy said…
i love the laduree menu print!
Mandy said…
i am a follower!
Mandy said…
facebook follower! :)
Unknown said…
I have loved reading your stories about your trip in Paris, I even popped on your other blog to read more. Wow, you visited some beautiful places while you were there!

My favorites from the Spun Sugar etsy shop are the Very Laduree Chocolate Dessert Paris Profiteroles - ORIGINAL Watercolor Painting 5 x 7, Laduree Three Lemon Yellow Macarons with flowers Watercolor Painting - Digital print 5 x 7, and the Two Black Forest Chocolate Cupcakes Watercolor Painting - Digital Print 6 x 9.

Everything she paints looks so pretty!
Unknown said…
I also publicly follow your blog. It's one of my favorites to read :)
Cake Molds Now said…
Enjoyed yyour posting today as well as the helpful recipes and tips, thank you.

Gloria Baker said…
Thanks by the giveaway I adore these I will see to say my favorites. LOL gloria
Gloria Baker said…
I following you of course!!! gloria

I love it!!
Gloria Baker said…
I love Laudaree Pink rose cake.

Laudaree pastry and dessert menu

Two black Forest Chocolate cupcakes

Strawberry fruit tart

Three yellow lemon macarons

Spun sugar paperie

I love all!!! thanks
okay these are adorable and she is from Kutztown, Pa which is near me! how cool is that....just favored her shop as I will be buying something if I don't win, prices very reasonable!
I like the Laduree Mac Flavors and the pastry and dessert print...I see she is making scarves, can't wait for those! Will also like Paris Breakfasts on facebook but I think I already have! Great giveaway!!
I meant Paris Pastry of mind was a bit on edge the other day! So sorry and still awaiting word if I am traveling to the city on Monday...I hate the name Irene already!!
Merry said…
I love the 6 card french macaron card set!
Merry said…
I am following you on facebook!
Merry said…
And I am now following your blog. Very pretty art!
ann sue(: said…
Hello from Singapore! I've been following your blog for a long time now and finally there's a chance to participate :)

From the shop, i love this:
Desserts on Pedestals very Laduree - Cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons - ORIGINAL Watercolor Painting 6 x 9

Not only it is an original painting, I love desserts and the painting has all of my favourites!
It's extremely exquisite too, the artist's really talented!

Do continue the wonderful baking posts! :)
I love the Laduree art notecard set - what a sweet way to send thank you notes. I would also love to have any of her beautiful prints for my kitchen.

Also I really <3 your blog!
I liked Paris Pastry on Facebook :)
I'm a public follower on blogger - thanks for the great giveaway!
Marina said…
i love the watercolor painting of the Laduree St. Honore, which i've tasted before-delicious!!
Firstly congrats on making the front cover of Little Treats. I love the Three Lemon Yellow Macarons with flowers Watercolor Painting from her Etsy shop.

Lisa x
....and yes I am a follower of your blog for sometime now.

Lisa x
amgogo said…
The woman's apron is really cute.
ChelseaM said…
My fav was Laduree Macaron Flavors Menu and Laduree Three Lemon Yellow Macarons with flowers

-Chelsea (
Unknown said…
the apron is super cute and I also like the dessert menu. :)
Quelle Rigolade said…
I love the berthillion water color painting .... who doesn't love berthillion?!
Chantal van Eijnatten said…
I love the "Notre Dame Cathedral - Digital Print of Original Watercolor Painting 8 x 10" painting. Such a beautiful one and of course the Notre Dame herself is a beautiful place to visit.
Is it even possible to not-love Paris?? ;)

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