Maple Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Every morning I eat oatmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal has such a hearty, neutral taste that I never tire of. The only time I give up my beloved oatmeal, is when I’m on vacation. It’s free play on vacation as far as I’m concerned: croissants, pain au chocolat, pancakes, waffles, the works. The only time I will whip out a big breakfast when I’m at home is on birthdays and when I know I have a long day ahead of me. Yesterday was neither of these mornings. I just felt like eating an indulgent breakfast, and with pancakes as cute as these… you don’t really need an excuse. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Maple Mickey Mouse Pancakes

To learn more about the Mickey Mouse-shaped cookie cutter I used, click here.

Maple Mickey Mouse Pancakes: adapted from

- 1 cup flour
- 1 teaspoon salt
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 1 egg 1 ⅛ cups buttermilk
- 2 tablespoons butter, melted
- 3 tablespoons pure maple syrup

- Preheat and lightly grease a large skillet or electric griddle.
- Mix the flour, salt, and baking soda together in a bowl. Add the egg, buttermilk, butter and maple syrup; stir together lightly, but keep it lumpy. The batter should look thick, spongy, and puffy.
- Drop ⅓ cup of the batter onto the cooking surface, spreading lightly with the bottom of the cup. Cook until lightly-browned on each side, 1 to 2 minutes per side.

These sunny pancakes will put a smile on your face,
even on the most challenging mornings.

Maple Mickey Mouse Pancakes

I took this photograph last summer in Disneyworld,
where I, I'm proud to say, ate waffles every morning.
It was heaven.

Disney Food


Victoria said…
Your Mickey Mouse pancakes are so ciute :)
Chele said…
Love, Love, LOVE those pancakes!
Lian said…
really cute! the cookies from the other post are the cutest. I love iced cookies, especially arond christmas.
These are completely adorable, Danielle! Almost too cute to eat ;p.
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic idea! I need to try it for my children ... they would love it!

Adorable shape! I'm really in the mood for pancakes now :)
I love these! I have many of the mickey cooking tools/cookbooks from WDW but I don't recall seeing the pancake molds. I found the sprinkles at a local grocery store. We huge Disney fans =)
xoxo, B
Lucie said…
So cute!!! This would definitely brighten up my mornings!
fimere said…
ils sont sublimes!!!
je trouve que tu as un magnifique blog avec de belles recette et de sublimes photos
bonne soirée
Sugar Crawler said…
aaaahh breakfast in disneyland, yeah i had mickey mouse waffel too when i was in disneyland :)
SteelCityFlan said…
I think the sprinkles make these. I love them!
Danielle said…
Aw, they're so cute! I eat oatmeal almost everyday for breakfast too.
Eliana said…
They look so precious - and delicious as well :)
AnickH said…
they actually sell mickey mouse waffle irons on ebay. I'm super tempted to order one!!
Paris Pastry said…
Order me one as well!!! Those are the super-thick Disney waffles! The best.

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