Desserts & Pastries on the Queen Mary 2

Hey everyone! Last week I kinda had a slow week of posting. The reason being that my internet connection was sooooooo slow, I could barely upload. My connection is fine now, so I'm back to posting! I went on the Queen Mary 2 for a transatlantic crossing last week. The Queen Mary 2 is an ocean liner, the world largest in fact, even bigger than Titanic. I had a blast! And the food was incredible. Here are some of my photos.

Train Station in Brussels

Brioche and Raspberry Macaron. The brioche was quite nice. The raspberry macaron had a little too much almond-taste to it. It made my own home-made macaron look not so bad after all.


Croissant, slice of brioche (I think...), a blueberry muffin and some raspberry jam.

Slice of brioche, muffin (I'm not sure what kind) and a Danish pastry.

Tea Time

An Apple Tart & a Boston Cream Pie. Apple tart was nice, cream pie not so much. I'm quite picky when it comes to Boston cream pies.

OMG, Chocolate-Raspberry Cake and a Victoria Sponge Cake right there for taking! I can't choose, I can't choose!

Well maybe I can, after much consideration. Victoria Sponge Cake.


Okay, you can order as many desserts as you want on the QM2, so naturally I couldn't let that chance pass by. Here a Baked Alaska with Biscotti and a Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Ganache.


And a pizza Florentine. Not exactly high cuisine, a pizza, but I thought it looked lovely.


apparentlyjessy said…
Soooo many sweeets! I bet it was heaven being on that boat!

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