Chocolate Cream-Filled P*nis Cake - Yes, Really!

Chocolate Cream-Filled P*nis Cake

I actually baked this cake 3 years ago in 2018 when I celebrated a co-worker's 50th birthday. For all these years, I've kept the photos on my phone and contemplated about whether or not I should post it on my blog. Well, the time has finally come. Why now? Because we need a chuckle every now and again this year, and I'm assuming most of my readers are 18+.

My co-worker has a huge crush on the actor Idris Elba, so this cake is inspired by him. I bought the cake mold on an adult website. They actually had 2 sizes; one cake mold was even bigger, it was an XL size. As I placed it into my shopping cart, there was a warning sign that read "please measure your oven to check if the mold fits". So I did, and unfortunately my oven was too little for the p*nis cake mold. That's what she said (haha I'm a 'The Office'-fan, obviously).

The chocolate cake is my favorite recipe by Martha Stewart. And I made marshmallow frosting as a cream filling, but this turned out to be a mistake, because apparently the marshmallow frosting dissolved inside the chocalate cake after a few hours. So the next time I baked this cake (yes, it is now a regular request from collegues) I used a store-bought regular white frosting, this was much better. I used chocolate sprinkles to imitate the hair.

It was definitely a BIG hit at the birthday party, and I think we will all remember it for a very long (hard) time. Pun intended.

Chocolate Cream-Filled P*nis Cake


Martha Stewart's Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake.


Anonymous said…
This was absolutely an unacceptable post, one in which I found very offensive. Was this brag worthy to you? Tell me how to explain to the little ones who have been enjoying this website with me, what and why this post is about. I just can’t believe you posted an adult-themed cake; I am so deeply disappointed.

But in the end, it’s your website, and you can do whatever you want. As for me, thank you for the past posts, but I need to take my leave. God bless you,
Anonymous said…
Bravo, magnificent idea
Paris Pastry said…
How is a cake shaped in the form of a penis offensive? It is a part of the natural human body. Perhaps you should teach your children this. Stop sexualizing it. You act like I posted a porn video.

Why do Americans (as I'm guessing you are, from your reaction) always sexualize a naked body?

And yes, it is a website and I am free to post about what I bake. Have a nice day!

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