Other Eats in London

Krispy Kreme

I do not apologize for this picture.

The picture is a bit messy, sloppy, raw, un-edited.
I just couldn't wait to eat wolf down these Krispy Kreme donuts.
Why other European Countries don't have Krispy Kreme is beyond me.
So for a donut-lover like myself, this was an actual highlight from my London trip.

And for a bit more sophistication, I ate breakfast at Caffé Concerto,
which has several locations in London, with an impressive pastry counter.

Caffé Concerto

Caffé Concerto

And last, but not least... the dessert from my first day in London,
a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake :)

Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake

Have a lovely week everyone!


Kathy S. said…
You must try Richoux in London for breakfast !!
Decadent !!
Love your bog.. Have followed you for years !
I've just finished lunch and you've made me hungry again!! And I die for Krispy Kreme too!

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