Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happiness in Cupcakes

Happiness in Cupcakes

Hello everyone!

I wanted to write to you to wish you a fabulous 2014! Apologies for my lack of posting this new year.
I've been quite busy, but I'll be back with on my 5th blogoversary, February 4th with a special treat!
In the meanwhile I'm reading your comments, visiting blogs and updating French!

Much Love,


miss b said...

Happy New Year to you too! Love the quote.

Liz @ Tip Top Shape said...

Haha, love this!

Unknown said...

You're not the only one not posting this new year. I haven't done anything since December :/ But Happy New Year to you too and I look forward to seeing what you have ready for your 5th blogaversary.

Unknown said...

Welcome back!! I'm suffering a lack of updates too, there just doesn't seem to be any time!!

Can't wait to see what you're coming up with for your blogoversary!