It's My Birthday! Cake, Cake, Cake!

There are two types of people in the world.
The ones that go all out and celebrate their birthdays.
And the ones that hide under a rock.

I'm the second-type.

It's My Birthday!

Nevertheless a little celebration with friends and family is required
and I do take joy in - for once - buying a fabulous cake and champagne to celebrate.

So here are the delicious goods that I picked up at my favorite bakery
here in Maastricht, Peter Lemmens.

It's My Birthday!

An authentic Dutch apple pie with a closed top,
and a stunning 'speculoos' cake dome that is filled with
speculoos cookies and a speculoos cream-mouse.

I'm virtually sending you all a slice!


Flora Fascinata said…
Happy Birthday PP! Lots of best wishes from AUS. That speculuus cakes looks amaze! And Pol is such a beautiful Champagne. Xx
highheeledlife said…
Happy Birthday mon ami~ your celebration looks and sounds yummy... enjoying my virtual piece... wishing you a wonderful week.C. (HHL)
Unknown said…
Wow! That speculoos cake looks amazing! I want a slice :) Happy Birthday Danielle! :)
miss b said…
Happy Birthday - two delicious cakes. I would love to have a slice of either (or both!!) with my coffee!
Beauty Follower said…
Mmmmm wonderful cakes!
Whising you a sweet and lovely BD :)

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