'Real' Dutch Apple Pie

Hello lovelies! I just wanted to show you what I baked today. In spite of the fewer and fewer posts on this blog, I do bake every single week. I have grown to bake go-to recipes that are popular with family and friends. Since those recipes are already published on this blog, I don't always photograph them. Well, I did this time. Because how incredibly cute is this birthday cake topper?! "Hoera" means "Hurray" in Dutch. The cake is my favorite apple pie/cake/tart, first introduced to this blog as a Rustic Apple Tart. I've renamed it a Dutch Apple Pie for today, because the flavors are so incredibly reminiscent of a Dutch apple pie. Plus, it's baked by a Dutch girl for a Dutch brithday!!

'Real' Dutch Apple Pie

To visit this favorite recipe of mine, click here.


Ellie said…
This looks lovely and sticky!
I cant wait to try it!!
This is my all time favourite blog.
Thank you!! xx
Paris Pastry said…
Why thank you Ellie! That means a lot to me :)

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