Food and Drink from Vacation

After posting a collage of my vacation foods two years ago,
I thought it was time to do it again! Here it is:

Tivoli CakeIllum, Copenhagen
Blueberry PancakesPastry Swan
Bagels with Cheese & NutellaBreakfast Muesli
Dutch BreakfastCupcake High Tea
BreakfastDessert Buffet
Belgian Breakfast WafflesSachertorteMint - Brownie Ice Cream Sundea
Miami Vice CocktailBlue MojitoMargarita Cocktail
Champagne Vodka Dream CocktailDutch Heritage Cocktail
Taller de la TapasHotel Pulitzer, Barcelona

Snacks, dinner & cocktails devoured on vacation this Summer.
To read about my travel-adenventures, read my French Madame blog :)



Flora Fascinata said…
I love those waffles (?) that look like snowflakes and is that an S for Sacher torte! Xxx
Paris Pastry said…
It is! A sachertorte :)

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