Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins

Halloweeners! Our time is nigh... Are you starting with your Halloween decorating/baking yet? I find myself skipping a year when it comes to the Halloween craze. Last year I really wasn't feeling Halloween, but this year... I'm going all out! Halloween-themed dinner parties, a costumed ball I'm attending and Halloween sweets! Watching them bake in the oven was like witnessing a scientific experiment. The tender muffin-batter began to burst open like a lava. A few seconds later... the lava began! The purple prune filling began to explode within the center of the muffins and the jam ran down the tops. So funny! Rating: this is one of my favorite muffin recipes, 5- out of 5.

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins

Jam Doughnut Muffins: Nigella Lawson - How To Be A Domestic Goddess

- 1 1/3 cups self-rising cake flour
- 1/3 cup sugar
- ½ cup milk
- 7 tablespoons corn or vegetable oil
- 1 egg
- ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
- 12 teaspoons strawberry jam
- ½ cup unsalted butter
- ½ cup granulated sugar
- 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

- Preheat the oven to 375°F.
- With a fork, beat together the milk, oil, egg and vanilla extract. Stir this into the flour and 1/3 cup sugar to combine: the lumps don't matter and if you overbeat the muffins will be tough. Spoon the mixture into each muffin cup so that it's just under a third full. Then with a teaspoon add a dollup of strawberry jam, then top with more muffin mix so that the cases are just about full.
- Put them in the preheated oven and bake for about 20 minutes or until the tops feel springy and resistant and the muffins have puffed up into little toadstools.
- Meanwhile, melt the butter slowly in a thick-bottomed pan, and lay the remaining sugar (& cinnamon) out in a wide, shallow bowl. As soon as the muffins are ready, remove them from their cups, dip them in the butter, and roll them in the sugar. Eat warm.

I used a prune-jam filling that I bought in Provence this Summer.
The jam was a little bit more expensive than all the other French jams,
but it was seriously the best jam I've ever tasted! So I stocked up and
brought a couple of jars home with me. This is my last jar :(

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins

If you ever happen to be in Provence, you MUST try this jam!
(and send ME another jar)

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins

Instagram capture of my muffin.

Halloween Prune-Filled Donut Muffins


The Dainty Dolls House said...

Those look yummy :) x

Unknown said...

I am a big holiday celebrator! I love any and all holidays. So of course I have decorated my dorm room and I'm baking everything pumpkin. I can't wait for Halloween to come. Even though the idea of prune jam sounds....odd, I'd still like to see some muffins explode :)

poonam said...

The design of cute muffin really looks unique and very yummy!just gone through recipe easily available and home made...sound delicious with good flavor.

henning love said...

these look amazing!! need to try them for sure!

puff pastry recipe said...

The tender muffin-batter began to burst open like a lava, and it is looking so yum.