Copenhagen Day Three


After a long day of walking yesterday, my legs feel like they're packing all of
those delicious pastries so I was in the mood for a more healthy breakfast this morning...

Brødkunsten, Copenhagen

What went wrong?

Okay I know: it started at the bakery's counter where I was more mesmerized
by the Danish pastries than the rugbrød (Danish rye bread).

Then, there was a free sample tray on the counter from which I ate
a glazed sweet.

And, the friendly girl behind the counter told me that the croissants
were amazing... Sold!

Screw a healthy, hearty breakfast! Why go to a bakery, if you're not
going to pick up something sweet?

On to the best part of Copenhagen: Shopping!

Walking on this square, I stepped into Denmark's largest department
store, Magasin du Nord.


OWMYGOD, their shoe department is insane!! Such Pretty Ballerinas...
that's the name of the brand; Pretty Ballerinas.

Pretty Ballerinas

They sparkled like Edward Cullen.

The cooking-floor could compete with Paris' La Grande Epicurie.

Kitchenaid Mixers

Danes love to bake. Countless of baking books :D
Too bad it's in Danish!

Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen

I bought some really beautiful items for my home.

Magasin du Nord, Copenhagen

After the high of shopping for clothes, I needed another high from sugar.
So I went to the basement level and rested at Agnes Cupcakes.

Agnes Cupcakes, Copenhagen
Agnes Cupcakes, Copenhagen

Cinnamon roll cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a mini strawberry cuppie.
So good!!

After losing way too much money in Magasin du Nord, I walked along
Europe's longest pedestrian street Strøget and stepped into another
department store called Illum. Heaven again!

I think the staircase of the store pretty much sums it up what an amazing
store it was:

Illum, Copenhagen
Illum, Copenhagen

Again, I am seduced by a lovely bakery counter...

Illum, Copenhagen

To buy or not to buy, that is the question.


Haha, all in all an wonderful day here again in lovely Copenhagen.
New love-affair with this city.

#11 In Denmark, no one wears big, visible brand names. No you're not cooler or better than anyone else in Denmark if you wear your Louis Vuitton monogram bag with your Gucci wallet, while sporting a 'J'adore Dior' sweater with your Seven jeans. In fact, Danes will just roll their eyes at you and think of you as a trashy and pretentious. A Danish guy I used to know told me he would remove the labels from his sneakers or jeans because he didn't want to show off his money. That is not to say that Danes don't care for brand clothing. They do enjoy good, quality clothing and will spend a little bit more on timeless clothes, rather than constantly buying every season's must-haves.

#12 Danes love tattoos. 80% of Danes between age 25 - 35 have tattoos. This is my own made-up statistic, but I think it's pretty accurate. For women, several small tattoos on their feet or neck are popular. For men, the arms and wrists. That is, the tattoos that are visible in clothes. And don't worry when you're soliciting for a job in a high-end boutique that you can't cover them up; in every store I've been to, the tattoos are proudly displayed in clothes that accentuate the tattoos. Even the salesperson in Louis Vuitton had his tattoos visible. The customers shopping at Louis Vuitton too. Well, the one Danish customer at I saw at LV, in a crowded sea of Asian clientele. So, if there is no worry about not getting a job because of your tattoos, then what's there to stop a Dane from getting one?

#13 Every Dane owns an iPhone. Okay well... maybe not old Danish people in retirement homes. But every Dane that owns a smartphone, has the iPhone!! And it doesn't have to be the fancy schmansy iPhone 4S. Any iPhone will do: 3, 3GS, 4 or 4S. Blackberries, Samsung Galaxies and Nokias are as unknown to Danes as brown eyes and color in their wardrobes.

Ind i morgen! (till tomorrow in Danish)


Tip Top Shape said…
Definitely buy!! It's adorable :D
Unknown said…
Meh-heh-heh. :( You are making me so jealous. I would gain like a million pounds if I ate all those wonderful things for breakfast and lunch everyday. But then again they look so good. And the stores are so bright and sparkley :*

As for the whole name brand thing, I don't like showing off name brands either. Then again I don't own anything Louis Viton or Marc Jabos or anything like that, but I'm talking about American Eagle. I personally think it looks tacky and weird. I think I have one shirt with a brand name on it.

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