Provence: C'est si Bon!


I am interrupting the baking-posts and giveaways to blog from
the country to which this blog is dedicated to: France.

I'm in Bagnols-sur-Ceze which is an (traffic-free) hour and a half
drive to Saint-Tropez, two hours to Cannes.

I'm staying here with loads of family and friends and we've rented
this house, named C'est si Bon:

Provence House

Provence House

Provence House

The house looks even more beautiful on the inside than it does on
the outside, though that'd be hard to imagine!

I'm showing you pictures of the interior in the next posts as the internet
connection is running slow here.

And frankly, I don't mind. Days here are filled with care-free activities,
delicious meals, thoughtful conversations and simple pleasures.

Provence House
The best sort of vacation is, where one does not know the time and doesn't need to.
No appointments, no cares. One of the few clocks in (outside) the house.

The house is pretty secluded in the countryside.
All we hear is ourselves, splashes of water and crickets.

Provence House

Provence House

Tonight I'm baking a rustic apple tart with my cousin and her friend.
It is one of my favorite fruit dessert!

Rustic Apple Tart

Au Revoir!


Hanah said…
OMG it's so beautiful place and cake looks delicious!
Beautiful! It's always nice to go on a holiday with friends and family..Thank you for sharing your photos. : )
Unknown said…
Pretty house. I love the picture you took of the clock. I like clocks :)
Eliana said…
WOW - both the house AND the cake look stunning!!!
Chantal said…
Mijn god het ziet er ge-wél-díg uit! :D Geniet ervan en blijf posten! :D
Sign me up and move me in. What a beautiful place. Love the isolation and view! If I stay can you come make that tart for me??? Im a new follower that will be back for sure.

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