Pastry Facebook Timeline Covers


I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite desserts that have been presented
on this blog which can also be used as cover photos on Facebook.

My current cover photo on Paris Loves Pastry's Facebook page is this one:
My beloved Rose Cake.

Rose Buttercream Cake

[download here for Facebook]

Before that one, I had this delicious Cream Puff Cake as cover photo:

Cream Puff Cake

[download here]

These red Valentine's Day cake pops would look stunning:

Valentine's Day Cake Pops

[download here]

On my personal Facebook page, I used this one:

Ladurée Macarons

[download here]

And this Ladurée cover is made especially for Timeline proportions:

Ladurée Facebook Cover

[download here]

Paris Pastry personified:

Paris Pastry Facebook Cover

[download here]

I'm interested to know, what do you have as a timeline cover?
Or haven't you switched to timeline at all?

A BIG thank you for all of the Likes on Facebook (1,327 and counting)! Very much appreciated.
And particularly a shout-out to those in Taiwan for all of your support!

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Tip Top Shape said…
I have a picture of these all-spice struessel muffins as my blog page cover photo. My personal one is Doctor Who related and incredibly dorky, lol.
Unknown said…
I recently got timeline, so I haven't really had many pictures on it. Right now it's a picture of my dad holding me as a baby and we're looking over a lake

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