For those who have a Blogger account...

As you've probably seen, Blogger has made some changes in the last few months. If you have a blog, like me, those changes have been quite huge. I'm wondering what your thoughts are on the new Blogger, particularly the editing section for posts.

Personally, I find the new changes very frustrating. It seems to take forever to write a post with all the HTML features that are involved. Of course there are minor improvements, but I'm interested in your opinion in the overall new Blogger. Please answer the poll to prove I'm not crazy =)


Anonymous said…
I think it'll just take a bit of time to get used to. Everything has moved around and it really confused me at first.
Tip Top Shape said…
I actually kind of like the changes. I find uploading pictures and moving them around a lot easier. My blog is pretty basic, though, so the other html coding things might not be an issue to be simply because I don't use them.
I moved my blog from Blogger to self hosted WordPress site a few month ago. I would recommend this to anybody still using Blogger. With Blogger all your work is never under your control. I had issues with lost images.
Now, I am really my own boss. I put a lot of time in my work on my blog and didn't like to be at the mercy of Blogger.
Good luck!
In my opinion, the back office is more user-friendly, yet it is more complicated to get in the code to add customised features
Glamour Drops said…
I much prefer the new version - it is much easier to insert images without them being trigger- loaded. In fact, just before they changed it, I was so frustrated I was about to switch to Wordpress.
Glamour Drops said…
Back again - because I forgot to add how much I detest the new word verification. Grrrrrrr.....I have stopped commenting on a lot of blogs because it drives me nuts.

Not sure if that gripes you, or others. Maybe it is just me...
Bill said…
I agree with Glamour Drops. I definitely despise the new word verification. Actually, I haven't found anything in the new version that I do like. But since the blog is free, I guess we take what they give us.
Misty said…
In the dash board, you can change the view to the old version. That is what I did for now because I was so overwhelmed with how different it looked and couldn't find anything.
Parisbreakfasts said…
sometimes it can be incredibly slow posting but otherwise I like the changes mostly.
I feel they're really trying to keep up with Wordpress and others out there.
Blogger is the default so yr ppics get picked up easily by Google in my experience.
Change is tough but there's no resisting it.
Best to roll with it IMHO
this poll is a good idea
merci carolg
Paris Pastry said…
Thank you all for the great feedback! Really interesting to hear what you all think. I'm definitely taking your suggestions and sending feedback to Blogger :)
Simon Butler said…
I have a blogger blog but I don't use the blogger back-end to write and publish blog posts.

Instead I use the excellent Microsoft program Windows Live Writer to write and publish all of my blog posts. Yes, I know what you might be thinking, the words "excellent" and "microsoft" don't usually go together, but Windows Live Writer really is excellent.

You can download a flickr plugin that makes adding photos from flickr to your posts a doddle too.

This all means that I haven't used the blogger back-end of months.

Give it a try. Best of all it is a free download here:

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