Happy Easter!

Easter Flowers

Chocolaterie Box

Macarons & Baklava

Milka Chocolates


Easter Tree

Wishing everyone a very joyous Easter,
filled with egg-hunting, Easter bunnies and little chick cupcakes!

As you can see, my Easter is filled with macarons, baklava,
chocolates and Easter decorations. And I wouldn't have it any other way!



Unknown said…
such lovely photos. I love your Easter Tree, it's very cute :3
Janka. said…
Thank you, happy easter to you to :)
Leslie said…
Happy Easter! Your flowers are so pretty and I just love yellow :) always puts a smile on my face. Always enjoy the Easter bunnies and little other sweets :)

Leslie said…
Newest follower! Looking forward to reading more :)
Happy Easter dear Paris ... your macarons look divine as always! I wish I could bake like you! My cupcakes are pretty good according to my lovely children but macarons ..... oh dear! The Easter tree is gorgeous ....
Frances xxx
looks lovely!! Happy Easter :)
Beautiful..hope you had a wonderful Easter!! x
Beautiful photos.. I hope you had a lovely Easter.
xoxo, B
Hope you had a fabulous Easter! My mom and I went for a nice dinner at a local restaurant that reminds u of NYC! Love all the photos and those gorgeous macs!! :)
Sue Lyn said…
oh myyyy! macarons! <3 your blog makes me hungry!
Lot-O-Choc said…
Looks like you had a lovely easter, your pictures are beautiful!
Jen Beaudet said…
Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful time with family and friends. I bet your meal was spectacular!

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