It's Macaron Day!

Mais oui, mais oui!

It's international macaron day!

I think it's kinda special that my 500th post is about macarons on macaron day,
since my blogging began because of my love for them.

To celebrate my 500th post and my love for macarons, I'm sharing all of those
colorful French treats that have been so deliciously presented on this blog:

My first ever macarons tried at Pierre Hermé in Paris.
Caramel - blackcurrant - chocolate - rose.

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé

Ladurée macarons.
Lemon - orange blossom - rose.
Salted caramel - raspberry - green apple.

Ladurée Macarons

Pistachio - lemon - raspberry.


Salted caramel - melon - rose - minty strawberry - cherry.

Ladurée Macarons

A macaron tower from Ladurée in the Printemps.

Alice in Wonderland at Ladurée

A box of macarons enjoyed in Rome, at McCafé.

McCafe Macarons, Rome

A similar box of soap macarons in Loir-et-Cher, France.

Soap Macarons

And then there are the macarons I've made myself, like these lemon macarons.

Lemon Macarons with Lemon Curd

Lemon Macarons with Lemon Curd

And these rose macarons.

Rose Macaron

Rose Macarons

My first try at making vanilla macarons.

Vanilla Macaron

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They are so good. About a week ago I had a grapefruit flavour and it was delicious. The melon sounds like a good one to try. Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful and yummy cakes and treats!
Bill said…
Such sweet torture! I wish we had somewhere here in Michigan that made them. They are too expensive to order from Paris or New York. I bought the book "Mad about Macarons!," but haven't had the guts to try to make them yet.
Miss Apple said…
It is a great occasion a macaroon Day!! It's a pity I don't know how to make them, yet... and didn't know about today or I'd had run to find some to eat :P Those you showed us all look delicious and yours especially. I loved the one you put in the centre of the rose, but the lemon macaroons just sound and look amazing. They'll be the first on my macaroon list :D
Unknown said…
Brilliant Macaron post! I love that macarons are so adored they have their own special day. I fell in love with a salted caramel macaron years ago in Paris and have never looked back, they have a very special place in my heart lol. x x
sandra said…
Unknown said…
I have only ever had a macaron once in my life. I was in New York and it was a vanilla Bean Macaron. It was seriously love at first bite. I seriously can't wait to try out a macaron recipe, but I'm kind of intimidated by the delicate factor, haha.

By the way congrats on your 500th post!
Hi, your macarons look amazing beautiful and delicious looking!

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