My Week in Food & Drink

On my blog French Madame I regularly post 'The Week That Was in Pictures',
where I take a pictures of anything in my life for a week.

Inspired by those posts and driven by the foods I've eaten this week,
I'm showing you what I've devoured these past seven days.

Brioche for Breakfast.

Brioche Loaf

New Lindt chocolate flavors to try.

Lindt Chocolate

Baklava: nuts, honey, syrup, phyllo pastry, deliciousness.


Taking my love for champagne to another level; champagne vinegar.

Champagne Vinegar

Chocolate Mint tea & Caramelised Pear tea.

Chocolate Mint Tea & Caramelised Pear Tea

Fashionable drink; Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola Light.

Karl Lagerfeld Coca-Cola Light

The hardest decisions in life.

Dessert Counter

With all the chocolate I've eaten this week, my skin is now suffering
the consequences, so kids... don't try this at home!

Much Love,


Tip Top Shape said…
Your week in food looks so much more exciitng than mine. That caramelized pear tea sounds delicious!!
Vær våken said…
Love, love! Have a beautiful evening!

Kristin x
Bill said…
You are such a bad influence!
Unknown said…
Oh Deary ME! That Baklava thing (third picture) looks devine. I want it. And I didn't evewn know they made chocolate tea o.O It sounds odd. But I did like this post. It's fun to see how my favorite bloggers live :P
That sure looks like a very yummy week :)
Julye said…
All looks delicious - love brioche!!
Miss Apple said…
Baklava is my favourite among all of these! and that brioche? hummm delicious!

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