Shots of my 24th birthday cakes:
Gooseberry Meringue Tart and Apple & Apricot Tart.

Bonne Nuit,


My Grama's Soul said…
Happy birthday....and YUMMMMMMM!


Ohhh! They look so beautiful and scrumptious! Happy Birthday.
hope you had a great birthday! you so deserve it....wonderful cakes...I like the first one!! :)
Tip Top Shape said…
Oohh, they look fantastic!! Happy 24th!!
Unknown said…
Wait, it's yor birthday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *<]:o) And those cakes, especially the one in the first picture, are drool worthy! They look absolutely fabulous!
Stunning and yummy!! Happy Birthday!! xx
Tiziana said…
Happy Birthday! ^ ^

No, sorry, but .... and the recipe??
ihihihih =)
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday!!!! Can't believe we are 24 already! Time goes way to fast but at least there is cake, lovely, lovely cake. Have a wonderful birthday weekend. x x x
miss b said…
Bon Anniversaire!
Goosberries and meringue - that's a great combination which I would never have thought of putting together.

Happy belated birthday, dear Danielle! Hope you had a great day. Your cakes look delicious!
Anonymous said…
Love your blog. So beautiful and fab desserts! Happy Birthday Danielle! All the best! Warmest greetings from Russia. Irina
angie said…
aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!! angie grüßt
ProjectHope7 said…
happy and blessed birthday! wishing you joy, peace, comfort, a life filled with many beloved friends and family at your side, good health, wisdom beyond your years, and true Joy!..

That said... I envy you....smiling... what incredible and beautiful birthday desserts! My birthday is in a few weeks... I can only dream!!
all the best,
an appreciative reader of your blog,
Cathy B
pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom
Unknown said…
these look amazing! happy birthday!

Michal said…
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes!
Thank you for a delightful blog.

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