Paris Pastries: Ladurée & Pierre Hermé


Today I bring you two of Paris' top pâtisseries; Ladurée and Pierre Hermé.

I stop by at Ladurée almost every time whenever I'm in Paris (see here and here).

Their pastries are perfection, their macarons colorful and the atmosphere is whimsical.

On Friday I went to department store Printemps in Paris' 8th arrondissement.
Between the floors of countless clothes, there was a small Ladurée cafe tucked away.
I sat down and ordered a Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise, as well as a mint-chocolate iced tea.

Ladurée - Printemps

Ladurée – Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise

Ladurée - Printemps

It was fabulous!

Later that day, I walked to Pierre Hermé to pick up something sweet.
I decided on a tarte citron, as I have made Pierre Hermé's lemon tarts 2 years ago.

The shop:

Pierre Hermé

The window display:

Pierre Hermé

The box:

Pierre Hermé

Pierre's lemon tart:

Pierre Hermé

My lemon tarts:

Lemon Tartlets

See here my first visit to Pierre Hermé.

And for ice cream-lovers in Paris (the famed Berthillion closes it doors in July and August)
I recommend that you try Deliziefollie in the 1st arrondissement, right off Les Halles.

Jamie Cahill writes in 'The Patisseries of Paris' about Deliziefollie:
"Deliziefollie's luscious gelato has won over Parisians to Italian-style ice
cream. Ever conscious about overindulging in rich treats but not willing to
sacrifice taste, Parisians love gelato, perceived as Italy's lighter alternative to
French glace."





Salted butter caramel - caramel au beurre salé.

You can check out my blog French Mademoiselle to see what I'm up to every day in Paris!

Bonne nuit,



Hafirdaus said…
I wish I could go to Paris one day hungry now!! Looks yummy, your tarts look more appealing ;) Love the photos! xx
Mariel Torres said…
I'm seriously craving all this now... everything looks incredibly gorgeous and oh-so-inviting. I think I need to book my trip to Paris right NOW.
Erin James said…
this looks amazing!!


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