Paris Pastries: Ladurée at Rue Bonaparte

Bonjour Paris Pastry readers!

After my lovely experience with Ladurée at the Printemps, I hunted down
one of their stores in the 6th arrondissement in Paris.

The shop lies on the corner of a quiet street.
Ladurée's signature green facade can be spotted from afar.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Ombre-effect macaron towers stand in the window display on one side.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Ice cream 'glacé' cups stand on the other side.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Raspberry macaron tower.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Confitures and miel (jams and honey).

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Even bath products.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

Ladurée's shop on Rue Bonaparte is not just for picking up pastries, you can
also eat a 3-course meal in the restaurant.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

I am not the biggest fan of baking macarons myself, so when I'm in Paris
I have the luxury of buying them.

I bought cinq (five), 4 flavors I hadn't tried before.

Melon, Salted Caramel, Rose, Minty Strawberry & Almond - Cherry.

Ladurée Macarons

Ladurée Macarons

Rose will always be one of my favorite macaron flavors, which I have
succesfully recreated myself, but I was pleasantly surprised with some
of the new flavors like melon and minty strawberry.

The salted caramel wasn't just filled with a caramel buttercream, but
instead had a thick caramel sauce-like filling!

Bonne Journée,



Anonymous said…
mmh.. they look amazing! I'd love to try the Melon one. :)
Selina. said…
wow these look soo yummy i am jelous you get to be in paris!

did you mean cinq (five) or neuf (nine) hope that doesn't sound picky or rude i was just wondering if the 5 were the new flavours and you bought nine :)
Paris Pastry said…
@Selina: You're right! I was thinking of 5, but wrote down 9. Thanks :)
Selina. said…
haha no worries i do that all the time with my norwegian :)
Lucie said…
My favorite Ladurée, five minutes away from my house :) Hope you're enjoying your stay!
Paris Pastry said…
@Selina: Well, Norwegian is a difficult language :) I saw on your profile that you're in Bergen..? Last summer I went there -- loved it!
Selina. said…
oh really? that's cool, i love living here despite the constant rain ;) just wish we had Ladurée here
Paris Pastry said…
@Selina: Yeah, I know it rains a lot in Bergen, but the one day I was there it was very sunny and hot!
Anonymous said…
This was the shop we walked past most days. The original Laduree. It is very old school inside. My favorite flavor of macaronn would be the salted caramel. Miam miam...
Mmmmmmm..that is all I can say ;) xx
Eliana said…
Will have to look up this place the next time I am in Paris. Looks amazing!
WoW! it really looks amazing..=D
looks wonderful, can't wait to get to the store in NYC soon!
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Katrina said…
You are a woman after my own heart!!! I miss Paris so much it hurts. Thank you for giving me a birds eye view on a daily basis, it gets me by until I can return.
Virginia said…
Lovely post and photographs. I'm linking to your blog when I post a photo of Ladurée Bonaparte very soon!

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