Little Treats - Foulsham Publishers

Do you see it?

Little Treats Cookbook

Zoom in a little closer, would you.

Little Treats Cookbook

Can you spot me?

Little Treats Cookbook

Remember this recipe?

Little Treats Cookbook

My Lemon Butter Cookies made it into an actual cookbook! My photos and all :D

Little Treats Cookbook

Pretty cool, huh? I can't believe my photo was chosen to be on the cover!

Little Treats Cookbook

You can order Little Treats on Amazon here (US) and here (UK).

Or, if you'd like to revisit my post about the Lemon Butter Cookies, here.

It really is a sweet little cookbook, I've made some recipes from it (stay tuned!)
and they've all been super delicious so far.

Much love,



Tip Top Shape said…
Congratulations! That is so exciting!! The cookies look absolutely delightful :D
Congratulations Danielle! Love the recipe, now I know what to do with the egg yolks after making macarons :)
Manni said…
Congratulations Danielle, thats amazing!! Will definitely be getting that book :)
have a wonderful weekend
Congratulations! That is wonderful and those cookies look positively divine. It always feels great to have your hard (and delicious) work recognized - bravo to you. I think I will have to purchase a copy of this book pronto!
How exciting for you! Congratulations!!
So well deserved! Your blog is fabulous!

Anonymous said…
Absolutely fantastic. I am impressed and congratulations!
Ahh..congrats, that is fantastic and well deserved!! xx
Amirah Aji said…
Congratulations on getting published, you deserve it :)
A faithful reader
Congrats Danielle! I saw the cover and automatically started scrolling to see where I could buy the book because it looks so sweet. Well deserved :)
Unknown said…
Aww! Congrats, that's awesome! And the book looks so cute too!
Kris Ngoei said…
Congrats! Love the cookies, I can't wait to try them :-)
Jeniffer said…
Congratulations! I'm in the Little Treats book too :) Your lemon butter cookies sound delicious and would be great for Christmas rather than the standard shortbread biscuit.

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