No Fuss Fruit Tart

“So here's the deal: there is pitifully little work to be done to make this berry-
dazzler of a tart, and enormous pleasure to be derived from its consumption.”

My, my, my, my, MY! I can't tell you how much I love this tart or how easy it is to make. Let me start off by saying that anyone can make this. A quick, no-bake recipe that gives the most sophisticated taste. The lush, vivid fruit colors are enough to make me shiver during a hot Summer month. Nigella, I bow down. Rating: 5 out of 5.

No-Fuss Fruit Tart: Nigella Lawson - Nigella's Kitchen

- 27 sheets graham crackers or digestive biscuits (3 cups crumbs)
- 6 tablespoons soft unsalted butter
- 2 (8-ounce) bars cream cheese, at room temperature
- 1 cup lemon curd, at room temperature
- 4 ounces blueberries (1 cup)
- 4 ounces blackberries (1 cup)
- 4 ounces raspberries (1 cup)
- 4 ounces red currants or pomegranate seeds (⅔ cup)
- 4 ounces small strawberries (1 to 1 ½ cups)
- 1 loose-bottomed 10-inch fluted tart pan, 2 inches deep

- Process the crackers and the butter to a sandy rubble in a food processor and press into the sides and the bottom of a deep-sided fluted tart pan. Put it in the freezer or refrigerator for about 10 to 15 minutes.
- In a clean processor bowl, process the cream cheese and lemon curd (or just mix by hand) and spread it into the bottom of the chilled tart pan, covering the base evenly.
- Arrange the fruit gently (so it doesn't sink in too much) on top of the lemony cream cheese in a decorative manner, leaving some of the strawberries unhulled, with their picturesque stalks attached.
- Refrigerator the tart, preferably overnight, or for at least 4 hours. It does need to get properly cold in order to set enough for the tart to be unmolded and sliced easily.

No-Fuss Fruit Tart

No-Fuss Fruit Tart

No-Fuss Fruit Tart


Flavia Galasso said…
WOW...this is delish!!!thank you, and happy Easter, hugs, Flavia
Shannon Riley said…
This looks so delicious! :D
Shareena said…
I love Nigella ! this looks good.. u are too, a domestic goddess!! Happy Easter!
Anonymous said…
Mmm I've been wanting to make a fruit tart forever! I wonder where I could buy lemon curd rather than make my own? I've never seen it in the grocery store...perhaps a Whole Foods?
Anonymous said…
I love, love Nigella and this looks wonderful! But I was looking forward to seeing frangipane in action!!

Now off to eat an eclair....
Delicious! I love fruit tarts! Thank you for sharing. xoxo, B
Chele said…
Nigella rocks! Great look sweet treat too, so I'm pleased its easy to make ... I may even give it a whirl this weekend ;0)
Mmmmmm...looks wonderful!! I will have to give this a go and try!! Brilliant! Wish you a great friday & Easter weekend xx
I've been wanting to make this ever since I bought Kitchen. Looks delicious and your photos are just as pretty as hers.
Lucie said…
Simple and totally amazing-looking and sounding! Lemon curd makes the world a better place :)
Lian said…
perfect voor dit weekend!! dit ziet er gewoon gezond uit :D
It seems really delicious!!
Happy Esater :) xo
So pretty, perfect for summer :) Looks as good as Nigella's!
Fifi Flowers said…
That looks YUMMY and PRETTY!!!
Dianne said…
Umm! just perfect! and like a lot of Nigella's recipes not too complicated.
Eliana said…
I love Nigella and easy no fuss style. And this recipe is proof that delicious does not have to be complicated. Love it!

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