Lemon Trifle Cups

Lemon Trifle Cup

YOU guys voted for the lemon trifle cups as my Easter dessert and yesterday I gave them a go! I always prefer to make my holiday dessert a few days/weeks before (as a test-run) and I'm sure glad I did, because I hated this lemon trifle. Yes, hated! I don't know where it went wrong; the lemon curd on its own was delicious ... so was the cream ... and the wine-soaked ladyfinger biscuits ... but together ... eh, not so much. But not to worry, I still got a week to find the perfect Easter dessert, so just keep checking in! And if you have any fantastic Easter recipe you want to share, just email me! Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Lemon Trifle Cups: Martha Stewart - Everyday Food

- 10 Italian ladyfinger biscuits (from half a 7-ounce package)
- ½ cup dessert wine (such as Sauternes or sweet sherry)
- 2 cups heavy cream
- 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar
- 1 cup Lemon Curd (see recipe below)

- Place ladyfinger biscuits on a rimmed baking sheet and drizzle with dessert wine; let stand 5 minutes. In a large bowl, whisk heavy cream with confectioners' sugar until soft peaks form.
- Place 5 soaked ladyfingers in a 2-quart serving bowl. Top with 1/3 cup lemon or raspberry curd, then half the whipped cream. Top with remaining ladyfingers, 1/3 cup curd, and remaining whipped cream; top with remaining 1/3 cup curd. Refrigerate 3 hours (or up to overnight) before serving.

Lemon Curd: MarthaStewart.com

- 1 cup sugar
- 1 tablespoon finely grated lemon zest, plus ⅔ cup fresh lemon juice
- 8 large egg yolks (egg whites reserved for another use)
- ¼ teaspoon coarse salt
- 1 ¼ sticks unsalted butter (10 tablespoons), cut into ½-inch pieces

- In a medium saucepan, off heat, whisk together sugar, zest, and egg yolks; whisk in lemon juice and salt.
- Add butter and place pan over medium-high. Cook, whisking constantly, until butter has melted, mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, and small bubbles form around the edge of pan, about 5 minutes (do not boil).
- Remove pan from heat while continuing to whisk. Pour curd through a fine-mesh sieve into a glass bowl. Press plastic wrap against the surface of curd and refrigerate until cool.

Just about all I ate from this trifle.
(trust me, normally I would eat it all)

Lemon Trifle Cup


Shareena said…
I am sure you will make some more delicious dessert! keep that oven hot!! ^_^
That really is my kind of dessert! Cannot wait to try it out.
Isabelle x
It's so disappointing when something doesn't turn out like you hoped. This just means the next sweet you make will be even more delish!
Mariel Torres said…
this looks classically marvelous lady
wow that looks beautiful! great photo!
Oh well, just eat the lemon curd :) It looks really nice though!
Shannon Riley said…
This looks so good! And thank for the comment on my blog, I absolutely love your blog! :D
Unknown said…
Oh no! That sucks that the recipe was a total dud! Oh well, at least you planned ahead to make it before serving it to family and friends. I hope you have better luck with another recipe.
Francy said…
gnam gnam...so delicios!!!
xo xo
Chele said…
What a shame ... and I voted for it too! I agree, the individual parts sounds very yummy!
Lucie said…
Oh no! Sorry it didn't turn out...even though it does look good!

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