Fashion Café Pouchkine at Le Printemps

A few weeks ago I went on a day trip to Paris.
Paris is a 4/5 hour drive away from me so I try to visit it
as much as I can. With only one day, I, of course,
spent it shopping!
Avenue Montaigne, Avenue des
and not to forget the Printemps.

While I was at the Printemps (a luxury department store),
I had lunch at Fashion Café Pouchkine.

Pouchkine is a legendary café normally based in Moskou.
It has opened up a pâtisserie on floor -1 of the Printemps.
Russian gourmet food meets Parisian elegance.

In celebration of fashion week, pastry chef Emmanuel Ryon has
created several haute pastries inspired by fashion houses
such as Chloé, Dries van Noten and more.

Now I normally save such posts for my other blog French Mademoiselle,
but the whole experience was so amazing and delicious,
it'd be silly not to share it on my food blog.

If you'll remember last year I ate at the exact same place
at Ladurée's Alice In Wonderland Tea Party.

Located between the escalators of the store, Pouchkine
has created an elegant little café.

Fashion Café Pouchkine

The walls are covered with Russian decor and beautiful bags.

Fashion Café Pouchkine

Glittery Eiffel Towers light up the scene.

Fashion Café Pouchkine

The pâtisserie counter is drool-worthy.
(so is the cute waiter, shhh, don't tell anyone)

Fashion Café Pouchkine

I ordered a Rose Pouchkine.

Rose Pouchkine

From the outside, it looks like a delicate white chocolate flower.

Rose Pouchkine

From the inside, a pistachio biscuit with an orchard fruit compote
and a light mousse makes you knees weak.

Rose Pouchkine

On the Viennoiseries menu, I ordered a blueberry brioche.

Blueberry Brioche & Café au Lait

Sweet brioche bread with almonds and a luscious blueberry filling.

Blueberry Brioche

Topped it off with a Café au Lait.

Café au Lait

And, as a souvenir to bring home with me, I picked up a box
of macarons at Ladurée's macaron counter.

Top: Lemon - Orange Blossom - Rose.
Bottom: Salted Caramel - Raspberry - Green Apple.

Ladurée Macarons

If you're in Paris, Fashion Café Pouchkine is definitely to be recommended,
but keep in mind that this “pop up” café will only be at the Printemps till March 26.

Au Revoir,


Unknown said…
wow, what an awesome place! It is my dream to visit Europe and yet you're just hours away from everything! So jealous :P Te macaroons look delicious, as well as everything else!
Lian said…
yum yum, I love love love paris as well. totally my city! and yes it is just under a 5 hour drive, but never thought of just going for a day... I want those macarons!
Jacqueline said…
I have taken notes as I plan on visiting Paris from the USA in May. I adore Paris, how fun to be so close. I can't wait to try it all out and of course blog it. I might even try to make the rose dessert. I made a huge one like that years ago in dark chocolate using cabbage leaves to mold the chocolate. This reminds me of it. Yum.
Paris this looks divine!!! I am so glad you were able to share your photos with us. It is just exquisite and the macarons are heaven. I am going to try making them again very soon. I hope you are well!
best wishes
Anonymous said…
Lovely, I did't realise you were so close to Paris....dreamy x
Lot-O-Choc said…
Wow this looks amazing!! The pattiserrie counter looks so good!
Andrea said…
These pictures make me want to book a plane ticket to Paris! The food and the decor look incredible!
Also just wanted to say I love your blog, your pictures and recipes always look delicious!
What an amazing day trip! I would have ordered the Rose Pouchkine as well.
I wish I were only 5 hours from *le sigh*.
xoxo, B
Laetitia said…
Incroyable! I loove the Rose Dessert! look like a dream :D I will note this place in my Must-See Places ;)
Myartbook said…
I'm going to Paris tommorow for a week. It is gona be my first visit.. so what to visit? This look good! thanks!
I've only to been to Paris once and was immediately in love. Thank you for letting me visit, even briefly though your day trip! I'm so jealous though ;)
Unknown said…
Wow! What amazing photos.
Love your blog!
Since you love French food I thought you might be interested in an amazing culinary tour to France throughout the Loire Valley.
There is one coming up in June, it is an incredible tour.

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