Friday, January 7, 2011

Rosebud Madeleines

I can't think of a better recipe that to start to the new year with. My love for roses and madeleines combined in one fabulous recipe. I had a very trying week though. I burned my crème brûlée and ran out of eggs when making something else. Thankfully, the rosebud madeleines were mercifully easy to make. To be honest I couldn't really taste the rosewater once the madeleines were baked, but they still tasted wonderful. Rating: 5- out of 5.

Rosebud Madeleines

Rosebud Madeleines: Nigella Lawson - How To Be A Domestic Goddess

- ¼ cup unsalted butter (50g), plus 1 tablespoon for greasing
- 1 large egg
- 2 tablespoons sugar (40g)
- pinch of salt
- ⅓ cup all-purpose flour (45g)
- 1 tablespoon rosewater
- confectioners' sugar for dusting
- 24 mini-madeleine tin (I used a regular madeleine tin and doubled the recipe)

- Melt all the butter over a low heat, then leave to cool. Beat the egg, sugar and salt in a bowl for about 5 minutes, preferably with an electric mixer of some sort, until it’s as thick as mayonnaise. Then sprinkle in the flour; I hold a sieve above the egg and sugar mixture, put the flour in and shake it through. Fold in the flour with a wooden spoon and then set aside a scant tablespoon of the cold, melted butter for greasing the tins and fold in the rest along with the rosewater. Mix well, but not too vigorously. Leave to rest in the fridge for 1 hour, then take out and leave at room temperature for half an hour.
- Preheat the oven to 425ºF (220ºC). Generously brush the insides of the Madeleine tins with the tablespoon of butter (melting more if you feel you need it) before filling them with half the cake mixture. About 1 teaspoonful in each should do: don’t worry about covering the molded indentations; in the heat of the oven the mixture will spread before it rises.
- Bake for 5 minutes, though check after 3. (If you're making regular-sized madeleines, bake for 10 minutes) Turn out and let cool on a rack, then arrange on a plate and dust with icing sugar. Repeat with the remaining half of the mixture. Makes 48 mini or about 10 full sized.

Ooh la la! Almost looks like a Valentine's Day recipe.

Rosebud Madeleines

Rosebud Madeleines


Unknown said...

I hate it when you have a bad baking week, these look perfect though so your bad luck must be over. x

Glamour Drops said...

Yum - I am obsessed with rosewater at the moment, so I will be trying this out this morning. (I made a rosewater flavoured buttercake for a brunch at the beach do last weekend and everybody loved it.) I find Madelines hard to make - so I look forward to trying your recipe.

Café Ciza said...

These are gorgeous photographs, I don't know if I'd eat madeleines from a plate like this, I would want to keep them as art!
thanks for sharing! really superb!

apparentlyjessy said...

My mum gave me How to be a Domestic Goddess for Christmas! I am so excited to use it, glad I can see a recipe from it turn out so beautifully!

Lian said...

disaster in the kitchen, I know all about it. but these look just perfect!!

Chele said...

They look lovely, very pretty. I must get this book back off the book shelf. Glad to see these little guys have turned your luck around in the kitchen ;0)

bubbles on my planet said...

it looks so yummy! I bake madeleines quite often, my daughters love them!!!

Promotional Pens said...

Nice photo and they look delicious!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

What a lovely, elegant treat. I definitely need to play around with rose flavoring more in treats.

Mavi said...

I've never liked cooking or even baking before but your blog inspired me to try and since then I've been making lots of your recipes. All great, I must say.
This look really yummy, I'll definitely try it sometime this week.

Paris Pastry said...

Thanks Mavi :D!

Margarita Bloom said...

I have to try these. They look like they would just melt in your mouth. Awesome blog you have. :)