Unknown said…
Tartlets! Tartlets! Tartlets!
The red rose tartlets sound fabulous!! I love anyting rose.
xoxo, B
Ardna said…
red rose tarlets please! it sounds so cute! :)
Anonymous said…
dangit, i love almond anything but the tartlets sound cute!
pp said…
Yes! We are in the lead again.
Red Rose Tartlets! So exciting.
Haha loveee being in the lead! Dani, why do you make us choose from such amazing options! Like I said on my blog, its like picking a fave child. One day..just bake them all!!
Le Petit Lapin said…
I love tartlets! And roses!
The red rose tartlets sound great. I'm looking forward, what you will make with this gorgeous idea. :)
And I feel so honoured because you follow me! :) Thanks also for your cute comment. It means a lot to me.
And if I can serve a little bit to improve in your German, great! ;)
Lovely regards,

xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.

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