Anonymous said…
Honey madeleines .... but I'm sure they all are delicious!

Rosebud Madeleines!! I do hope you make these. I love everything roses!!
xoxo, B
Rosebud Madeleines please!!

Check out our fashion illustrations are ! = )

Ardna said…
rosebud madeleines pleeaseee!!! ( i wish i can vote more than once)
Mary Bergfeld said…
Rosebud madelines, please. I love to visit here. Your food and recipes are always so interesting they keep me coming back. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary
highheeledlife said…
Rosebud Madeleines please!! and what time did you want us to arrive...;) ... XO HHL
Vær våken said…
Your blog is looking fabulous!!!

Ohhh sooo pretty!!! they look perfect!
Lisa said…
Those madeleines look amazing. I love their rich golden color.

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