Grand Marnier Soufflé with Crème Anglaise

I rarely drink alcohol. There are only a handful of occasions I knock back a glass. Well I don’t exactly “knock back a glass”, I just always wanted to say that. With Christmas I’ll drink a glass of champagne or two, followed by an advocaat. On my own birthday I might have a mango mojito. And in the hot summer evenings, some fruity colorful cocktail. There are, however, three alcoholic substances I cherish: 1. Dark rum, 2. Advocaat, and 3. Grand Marnier.

Grand Marnier

I acquired a list of desserts on vacation that I would really like to make, one by one. I’m starting with the Grand Marnier soufflé because it’s a light, easy pudding that always looks impressive. Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Grand Marnier soufflés with Crème Anglaise:

Ingredients: serves 8
- ¾ stick (6 tablespoons) unsalted butter plus additional for buttering ramekins
- 1 cup sugar plus additional for coating ramekins
- ¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
- 1 cup whole milk
- 7 large egg yolks
- ¼ teaspoon vanilla
- ⅛ teaspoon orange oil (substituted this with orange extract)
- 2 tablespoons Grand Marnier
- 8 large egg whites

- Preheat oven to 400°F. Generously butter eight 1-cup (3 ½ x 2-inch) ramekins and coat with sugar, knocking out excess sugar.
- In a 1 ½-quart heavy saucepan melt ¾ stick butter over moderately low heat and whisk in flour. Cook roux, whisking, 3 minutes. Add milk and cook over moderate heat, whisking, until mixture is very thick and pulls away from sides of pan. (at this point, my melted butter came out of the mixture a little bit) Transfer mixture to a bowl and cool 5 minutes. In a large bowl whisk together yolks, vanilla, oil, and a pinch salt, and whisk in milk mixture and Grand Marnier, whisking until smooth. (it will happen, I assure you!)
- In a large bowl with an electric mixer beat whites until they hold soft peaks. Beat in 1 cup sugar, a little at a time, and beat meringue until it just holds stiff peaks. Whisk about one fourth meringue into yolk mixture to lighten and with a rubber spatula fold in remaining meringue gently but thoroughly.
- Spoon batter into ramekins, filling them just to rim, and arrange ramekins at least 1 ½ inches apart in a large baking pan. Add enough hot water to pan to reach halfway up sides of ramekins and bake soufflés in middle of oven 20 minutes, or until puffed and tops are golden.
- Remove pan from oven and transfer ramekins to dessert plates. With 2 forks pull open center of each soufflé and pour some crème anglaise into opening.
- Serve soufflés immediately.

Crème Anglaise recipe click here.

Grand Marnier Soufflé with Crème Anglaise

Grand Marnier Soufflé with Crème Anglaise

I think the recipe could have been a bit more specific with “serve soufflés immediately.” I mean, I consider “serve immediately”, eating the dish 10 to 15 minutes after it’s made… But no. The soufflé needs to be served ASAP! The soufflé will defloat within 60 seconds. Hmmm, that sounds like a secret service mission. I bet it’s from watching all those ‘La Femme Nikita’ episodes. Anyways, here’s how it’s puffed up and proper:

Grand Marnier Soufflé with Crème Anglaise


Danielle said…
Yumm! It almost looks like banana cream pie but in souffle form
Souffles do have the nasty habit of getting impatient very quickly ;p. I've had some ah-mazing ones at restaurants but have yet to attempt my own. At least yours look like they rose high and proud initially. The Grand Marnier flavor sounds heavenly, too.
Unknown said…
Look delicious, can't wait to see the other recipes on your list x
Moon said…
You are couragious :) I have never made a souffle and I'm not planning on trying it too !
Lucie said…
Looks super yummy--even deflated, I would definitely eat it!!
Laura said…
That looks awesome! I haven't attempted a soufflee yet (and probably won't for a while...), but yours is gorgeous!
Dianne said…
Wow!! Looks delish! I've never made a souffle before but your recipe seems simple enough and I have a bottle of grand marnier in the pantry~ why not!!
Anonymous said…
Did I hear Creme Anglaise.... yummy. and the souffle looks AMAZING!

Unknown said…
Those souffles do look divine and I'm betting taste suffered none after the collapse.
I adore a Grand Marnier Souffle! I will have to try making one myself & thanks for the helpful prep advice. I also never know what Advocaat was - sounds delicious - Cheers!
Your soufflé looks amazing... and with Crème Anglaise! I wish I could take a bit!!
xoxo, B
Chele said…
I wish I had your courage! I've never tried to make a Souffle.
Ingrid_3Bs said…
LOL, I don't drink at all but I have quite the collection of alcohol. My kiddos get a good giggle thinking about it in their dessert. :)

I've yet to make souffle...gotta change that!
Eliana said…
What an elegant and sophisticated dessert. I love it.
Wowee this looks so decadent. In fact I think I can smell this dessert!!xx
I've never met a souffle I didn't love, haha! This looks scrumptious!
looks puffy and light ....very yummy!! hope u are having a great weekend!!

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