Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae

Some recipes should come with a warning sign. Not because they are dangerous (at least not literally), but because they are highly addictive and can cause serious withdrawal symptoms, not to mention expanding waist issues. So a warning beforehand: this is one of those recipes! Yet I'm confident once you make it, you'll thank me again and again. Rating: 5 out of 5. If I could give a 6 out of 5, I would.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae recipe: adapted from Nigella Lawson - Nigella Express

- 200 ml (½ can) sweetened condensed milk (7oz)
- 100 gr milk or dark chocolate (3.5 oz)
- 100 gr smooth peanut butter (3.5 oz)
- 50 ml boiling water (¼ cup)
- salted peanuts, roughly chopped (optional)

- Put the sweetened condensed milk, chocolate and peanut butter into a saucepan and put it on the heat to melt, stirring occasionally. In about 2 minutes you should have your sauce ready. Add the boiling water to the sauce. The sauce may look too runny at this point, but it will thicken a lot as it cools.
- Get out four sundae glasses and put a few scoops of ice cream in each. Pour some chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce over each sundae and sprinkle with the salted peanuts. Hand them round and wait for people to weep with gratitude.

This is every chocolate and ice cream lover's fantasy!
I don't want to make this blog PG-13, but it is orgasmic.

I have made this recipe 5 - 6 times already (and I rarely remake things).
I'm just saying.

Watch and drool!


Lot-O-Choc said…
Ahhhh peanut butter heavenn!! This looks so amazingly good yummm!
apparentlyjessy said…
Decadent much!? I adore peanut butter and chocolate together, I had better not make this, I would eat the LOT!
highheeledlife said…
I don't think this would help my goal of getting back towards a slimmer me!!! This looks absolutely illegal for the waist-line. Hubby will be trying this one out - when I'm not around, I hope!!! Happy Sunday ..HHL
Pink Frenchie said…
How can I justify making this for breakfast right now?
Lucie said…
Umm... This looks amazing. I think I just may have to go make this right now, except I haven't even had dinner yet. Oh well? Dessert before dinner then!
Eliana said…
This should definitely come with a warning because it looks amazing.
Chele said…
Wowee! Weight gain caused by licking the screen!
Dianne said…
Yay!! that looks so scrummy!! and so simple to make. I think the salted peanuts on the top would give it a fabulous tast sensation.
Dianne xx
Tea and Taro said…
Chocolate + PB = best flavor combo. ever. just had some breyer's reese's cup ice cream but this looks much much better haha. trying this out asap.
I can imagine this icecream being served in a vintage icecream palour! Your presentation is that gorgeous.
Moon said…
That looks amazing! Ever tried making this totally easy, but delicious recipe when you have absolutely NO time? just slowly melt some fudge pieces in a pan -> de-ca-dent!
the chirpy bird said…
Nigella Lawson is my TOTAL girl crush. I just adore her and her life...sigh
xo tash
Peanut Butter and chocolate is such a heavenly combination I can completely understand your addiction.
J e l e n a said…
just plain perfect!
I don't normally eat desserts ~ not trying to be healthy, just don't care that much. BUT, I do love, love, love peanut butter & chocolate together and adding ice cream? Genius :-) I do enjoy looking at your photos & recipes wishing I could actually bake...
Unknown said…
Heaven! I could do with one of these right now x
Ash said…
I love Nigella!!

I would also love to have one of these right about now!
2 great flavors that go together..hope you are having a fab week!!
Laura said…
Oh yum! I love Nigella! Her books are total food porn. Beautiful pictures and even better writing.
I was just browsing one of her cookbooks at the library though I can't really afford to add to my bulging collection. This looks like a wonderful, cooling treat.

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