Anonymous said…
I was torn between the espresso or cappuccino cupcakes but went for cappuccino ~ they seem to be winning the race. xo
Moon said…
I have no idea what night-and-day cupcakes are, so my curiosity made the vote ;)
Barbara said…
Assume Night and Day are chocolate and vanilla? Yum.
Ooooh what are day and night cupcakes??? So intrigued!
I posted for day and night cupcakes - that sounds very different and interesting, too.
Have a lovely day, sweetie;-)
joanna said…
I voted for night and day cupcakes -- it will be fun to see what yours will look like.

Well it looks like night an day cupcakes one! I can't wait to see what they are. Everyhting looks so yummy! Jennifer:)
Diana Mieczan said…
Yummy...I love those cupcakes..What a great post:) Greetings and see you soon:)
Mayte said…
What amazing recipe, es delicious. I´m very happy to find your blog :D

Is lovely.

A lot of kisses.

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