If this isn’t your first time visit to my blog, you’ve probably noticed
that I changed my page header (the picture above ↑).

If you’ll remember this is the header I’ve had up until recently:

So I want to ask you, what do you think of it?
Like it or leave it? This one or the old one?

You can vote in poll.

Please answer honestly. I promise I won’t be offended if you hate it! ;)
I'm not sure if I like this one better of the previous, so I need you help.

Merci Beaucoup! Have a wonderful week everyone!

Update: Thanks everyone for voting and leaving your thoughts!
As you can see I changed it to Ladurée's Religieuse à la Rose.


Duchess of Tea said…
Darling I loved the previous one, no I must correct it, I adored the previous one.

Love & Hugs
Kelly and Sara said…
I actually like the old one better but its nice to change it up once in awhile. It will catch on!
Unknown said…
I love your new headded, but I somehow love the one before the most!:-)
Paris Pastry said…
Thank you for your thoughts! I really appreciate it!
I loved the previous one but I also think it's good to change things up a bit from time to time... You can always use both!
xoxo, B
CaraLynne said…
I missed the vote but I feel the Original Header is perfect why would you change it?
It's what drew me into this blog in the first place!
Please don't change it!

It's so elegant and sweet ..and perfectly captures the feel of your website!

...and can you post the recipe for that pastry?
Paris Pastry said…
Thanks Cara for your comment! The pastry in the picture is called Religieuse à la Rose and I ate at a French patisserie Ladurée, so unfortunately I don't have the recipe :(. Believe me, I would have shared it if I had!
Anonymous said…
Hi Dannille!, I was thinking to drop you a note since I visit your blog almost every day I mean every day:). I like the priviouse picture because it is a real one, the beauty of the lines and the food and also a great quality photo. The one with the muffin was more like unreal and it had no life in it.This is all I wanted to share with you and keep the good work.
with respect Liliana
Paris Pastry said…
Thanks Liliana! I agree with you. I think I like the previous better too!
Fleur de Cerise said…
Yay! It's back to the old header. Love this one :)

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