Lovely "Loire" Pastries


As you may know, I was in France last week on vacation.
To be precise, in the Loire Valley.

Everything was wonderful!
The people, the châteaux, and of course, the food.
Here are some of my photographs:

Montrichard Pâtisseries

Montrichard has some of the sweetest pâtisseries.
(literally and figuratively)

Apple tartelette, mango mousse, Paris-Brest & religieuse au chocolat.
Our maid ate some of it. No really she did!

Apricot tartelette, gland & éclair au café.
Not pictured but still eaten: mini brioche & meringue.

L'Orangerie - Château de Chenonceau

We had the most wonderful lunch at this restaurant while visiting a castle.
The restaurant is called "L'Orangerie" and is situated in the gardens.

You can browse through the menu by clicking here.

Entrecôte au beurre gamay et poivre vert
Entrecote steak with butter Gamay and green pepper.

Coquelet Grillé à la Diable
Small chicken grilled.

Poire Belle Hélène
Vanilla ice cream, poached pear, hot chocolate sauce, chantilly cream,
chocolate macaron and grilled almonds.

Café Gourmand
Café with daily delights from the pastry chef.

Château de Cheverny

Colorful macarons were also present.

Even in the form of little soaps.

Château de Chambord - Château de Chenonceau
Château de Cheverny - Château d'Amboise

Bonne Journée!


A lovely holiday by the sound of it! I lived in France for 10 years and the patisseries are what I miss the most!

Warm wishes
Isabelle x
Lucie said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! Glad to see you indulged in all those amazing pastries...and buying almond powder :)
What a great trip! Thanks for taking us along and the photos are beautiful. Someday......
I'maNolaGirl said…
What an amazing trip!!! I love those little soaps! They'd make the perfect gifts for friends and family!
Unknown said…
Brilliant post, those desserts look amazing! Love the new blog header too x
Eliana said…
What a fun trip!!!
Chele said…
Oooooooooooooooooh I am so jealous!!!!
Catherine said…
You have a beautiful blog here! I am so happy I found it!
delicious desserts... my fave are the macaroons... yum!
A Bowl Of Mush said…
Wow everything you had looks amazing! My mouth is badly watering!
So beautiful!

Love the new blog header!! :)
I am soo jealous!! What excellent pastries!! great shots!!
CaraLynne said…
The one and only blog I follow - Thanx for such a beautiful site!
Laura said…
wow, delightful photos!
Mary Ann said…
i will approach your site with caution. i am trying to lose weight! your blog is a great inspiration for my kitchen activities. delectable looking photos you have! love it, thank you for dropping by and you have a great weekend. see you soon! verbena cottage

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