Thursday, February 18, 2010


I’ve had a fever all week long and I’m a very strong believer in “a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down”, so I’ve been feasting on chocolate all week long. I’m feeling much better now, but I need some more chocolate to regain my strength back… Cough. Good excuse, isn’t it?

Brownies: fudgy, gooey and chocolaty. Nothing is more comforting than eating chocolate in a softer form. And these are bound to be just that!

Blonde Brownies: or ‘blondies’. The sibling of brownies always ends up on second place when it comes to a contest, but I beg to differ. I love blondies!!! Anyways, these have chocolate chips in them so even chocolate-lovers will like them.

Rocky Road Fudge Bars: you might have noticed my affection for rocky road in my last poll when I added the rocky road cupcakes. Unfortunately they did not win, so I’m hoping to persuade you in choosing a rocky road fudge bar.


♥Ashley said...

I was thinking about brownies all yesterday and they sounded delicious. Never got around to baking them or buying them anywhere. The best brownie I've had that I haven't made myself : ) has been from Border's Cafe. Yummy. All your creations look even better though. It's 9am and now I want sweets! Perfect!!!

Deeba PAB said...

Decisions, decisions...Al l3 maybe???

Paris Pastry said...

@Deeba PAB: I know exactly how you feel!

Kori said...

You know Blondie is voting for Blondies! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

Blonde Brownies sound amazing to me:-) I have never seen or tried one before!!! Have lovely weekend :-)