Chocohotopots: a gooey, warm chocolate mixture that is baked in a ramekin. Similar to a molten chocolate cake – looks like heaven! Click here to see a video of Nigella Lawson making these.

Rocky Road Cupcakes: rocky road bars are my all-time favorite candy bars! Crunch, chocolate & marshmallows all in one – what’s not to love? I would love to convert this dream-combination into a cupcake.

Chocolate and Pear Pudding: Nigella Lawson’s recipe I’ve been longing to try. I’ve never tasted the combination of chocolate and pears, but Nigella assures me it is divine! Click here to see the video of Nigella making this lush dessert.


Kori said…
Can't wait to see what wins! Thanks for the comments on my Disney post honey. I'm actually going again tomorrow lol...Kori xoxo
Unknown said…
i voted for the Rocky Road cupcakes! (that's would i would eat right now).
xoxo alison
Chocohotopots sound so intriguing... I hope they win!

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