I just bought 4 pink ramekins and one of the things I love most is when a cobbler, crisp or crumble is served in a little ramekin. I think it makes the Southern dish look so elegant, and you don’t go besides yourself eating the whole pan! So this week I present to you:

Apple Streusel Crumble: I found this delectable-looking recipe on Any warm dessert with apple is bound to be a winner in my book.

Chocolate and Pear Pudding: Nigella Lawson’s recipe I’ve been longing to try. I’ve never tasted the combination of chocolate and pears, but Nigella assures me it is a match made in heaven! Click here to see the video of Nigella making this lush dessert.

Cream Cheese and Apple Crumble: This recipe is from the famed Cream Cheese brand Philadelphia and I’m very intrigued about adding cream cheese in a crumble. Looks like a must-try!


I love Nigella and I'm grateful to you for all of the lovely recipes. I love to cook and read recipes.
Warmest regards,

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