Bûche de Noël: or ‘Yule Log’ in English. This is a classic French holiday dessert; a cake resembling a cut-down tree. I haven’t settled on a particular recipe. I’m planning on using a chocolate cake with a mouse filling.

Chocolate Temptation: a chocolate – raspberry cake by Paris’ famed Ladurée. Dorie Greenspan refers to this cake as the “ooh-là-là dessert”, that’s how good it is!

Christmas Morning Muffins: cinnamon, orange and dried cranberries are the main ingredients in these glorious muffins. Recipe by the domestic goddess – Nigella Lawson.


All of the options sounds super yummy, but I am excited to see what you ended up baking!!
Buche de Noel....sounds DELISH
Stephanie said…
So I admit to voting for the buche de Noel twice :)

However, I am also intrigued by Chocolate Temptation. The anticipation!!!!
Parisbreakfasts said…
I don't know why I voted for the xmas muffin-I've become an anti-muffin person. Especially after seeing them in Paris--that really turned me off. Then again the combo of orange and cranberries is hard to resist.
I wish I knew how to do that "vote" gizmo...what fun!

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