Chocolate Christmas Cookies: home-made chocolate cookies with a chocolate glaze and Christmas sprinkles on top. Nigella refers to them as “a thing of deep joy”. Click here to see her making these lush cookies.

Linzer Cookies with Raspberry Jam: Recipe by the fabulous Pierre Hermé. I never had a Linzer Cookie before, but they always looked so yummy to me and now I have the cookie cutters to make them! Cinnamon-almond pastry filled with raspberry jam.

Cranberry - White Chocolate Cookies: It’s the time of year to eat cranberries and I love the combination of white chocolate and cranberries. Nigella calls these cookies “wonderfully chewy”, and the cranberries are supposed to “help convince yourself that they are actually very healthy and good for you”.


Wanda Lee said…
It's always interesting to see what you'll bake next!.., Please feel most welcome to pop by to my Teddy bears christmas Tea at The Plumed Pen blog!..,

Cheers from Silken Purse@ The Plumed Pen
Beutiful! Thank you for sharing!

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