I haven’t made a cupcake in ages and I would love to indulge in these bite-sized mini cakes this week!

Coca-Cola Cupcakes: don’t be put off by the name. I have made this Coca-Cola cake several times and I can tell you, it’s one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever made. I thought it would be fun to convert the recipe into cupcakes and have a bit of fun with decorating. Recipe by Nigella Lawson.

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes: vanilla cupcakes topped with a delicious lemon curd and a heaping pile of meringue. Recipe by Martha Stewart.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes: I love the combination of chocolate and cherries. It always reminds me of a lush black forest cake. The cupcake recipe uses real chocolate and cherry jam. The icing is a rich, dark chocolate frosting topped with glacé cherries. Recipe by Nigella Lawson.

Good luck choosing!

Au revoir!


Kori said…
I want to try one of those coca-cola cupcakes honey! Yum! Kori xoxo
Yes to the coca-cola please. I've never hear of it and will google it the instant I leave here.
Thanks for sharing your recipes with me.
All the very best.
Erin said…
Coca-cola recipes have fascinated me ever since my fiance made a chicken marinade with it so I'd love to see coke cuppies!
emma wallace said…
Coca-cola! That sounds so marvelous! Second choice - chocolate cherry! I love black forest cake.

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