Although I've been eating loads of apples this season, I haven't actually baked anything with them so I made my three picks all containing of apples:

The first, a classic Tarte Tatin. I have never made this French upside-down apple tart before and I'm willing to give it a try! To be honest I haven't settled on a specific recipe. There are so many recipes that sound amazing, but in time I'll let you know.

The second, a good old-fashioned apple pie. This variation has a delicious crumb topping. I've been really craving for a good apple pie lately, and I just really love a crumb topping. Recipe by Martha Stewart.

The third, Soft Apple Cakes or Fondants aux Pommes as they are called in French. Not surprisingly these are by Dorie Greenspan's book 'Paris Sweets' and they are adapted from famed pâtisserie Maison Kayser. Small apple cakes, that resemble a muffin. Filled up with rum-soaked raisins.


Kori said…
I want to try all of your creations! They sound yummy...thanks for the sweet comments on my Dita Von Teese post honey. Have a great night! Kori xoxo

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