All 3 picks of this week are by Pierre Hermé. Visiting his pâtisserie in Paris has made me craving for his lush and special desserts. I'm also going through a cookie-craving phase so I present to you three Pierre Hermé cookie-recipes:

The first are the Korova Cookies. I added them to last weeks poll, and I'm giving them another try because they are rumored to be, very delicious. Full on chocolate cookies using cocoa and real chocolate.

The second are Breton Sand Cookies. I have made a Gateau Breton by Nigella Lawson before and it was sooooo incredibly delicious, I'm hoping these cookies will be the same. "Butter, crumbly, rich and addictive" Dorie Greenspan writes (like the Gateau was).

And last, but not least, Linzer Cookies with Raspberry Jam. I never had a Linzer Cookie before, but they always looked so yummy to me and now I have the cookie cutters to make them! Cinnamon-almond pastry filled with raspberry jam.


BonjourRomance said…
Bonjour! Found your blog via your comment you left on Bonjour Madame. Been looking through your posts - you have some great recipes I'd like to try. I'll be back soon and I'd vote for the Breton Sand cookies!
Áine said…
I'm sorry I didn't visit your blog in time to vote but I'm so glad Korova Cookies won,they sound delish! :) Good luck with your baking
BonjourRomance said…
Merci for visiting my blog and following along. I told you I'd be back and then I forgot to add on as a follower. Happy baking!
Kori said…
Thank you for the comments on Victoria! I love her! Your blog is amazing. I want to eat up that cake with the cherries right now! Have a great weekend girlie! Kori xoxo

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