Parisian Pastries

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a good week and trying to be sane under the hectic preparations that come with Halloween. I haven't been posting for a couple of days (okay, almost a week) because I was in Paris for a few days. I just love Paris during autumn, it gets even more beautiful (if that's even possible) and I had a really nice time, as always. So of course I'm going to show you a few of my pictures of Paris' gorgeous and delicious pastries. So here they are:

I went to Printemps on Boulevard Haussman, which is a really big department store in Paris, sort of similar to Bergdorf Goodman or Neiman Marcus, and when I entered the store they had this Ladurée cart standing at the entrance, selling only macarons. Kind of like a hot dog stand, only much more colorful and sophisticated haha.

Anyways, while I was standing in line, one of the ladies working behind the cart accidentally knocked down 3 tiers of caramel macarons. Dozens of macarons where rolling around the entrance and I wanted to take a picture, but security guards rushed towards the macarons and quickly picked them up from the floor (they were thrown away of course). I can't imagine how much work went into those macarons, and considering a macaron cost €1,50 ($2.22) I would have still eaten them.

I bought 3 macarons; lemon, raspberry and pistachio, and decided to save them for when I got back to the hotel. Unfortunately a day of shopping in Paris did them no good because they were some what crushed at the end of the day. They still tasted fine though, my favorite one was the lemon macaron.

The day after I went to Rue Bonaparte and passed another Ladurée shop, but I only browsed at the window display because I was headed for Pierre Hermé. The shop is so small you'd barely notice it weren't it for the people gasping at the window.

There were so many things I wanted to try but the price of the pastries withheld me from buying the entire store. I chose for an Isaphan, which is one of his signature pastries. It costed €6,80 ($10.05) and was quite small, I guess everything looks bigger in pictures.

Despite the small size it was incredibly filling, which really surprised me because it tasted so light. But yes, I can see why its one of his signature dishes, it was soooooo amazingly good!

A mini kugelhopf; very, very sugary.

Oh and if the sight of these Halloween-themed desserts at Disneyland doesn't get you in the Halloween spirit, then I don't know what will.

A vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting and a meringue spook.


Anonymous said…
I just love how everything looks so special. Even if it's small, it's a huge presentation.
Everything's looking so great! I gueass I'd love to try all of them if I'd get there. :D
That Isaphan looks simply to die for.
Thanks for sharing these great pictures!
Anonymous said…
I would love to visit Paris one day - especially for the food - drool!
Stephanie said…
I'm speechless. It all looks so delicious!
A Bowl Of Mush said…
I wish I still lived close enough to go shopping in Paris for the weekend!

Wow a Laduree cart, I can't imagine anything more convinient!
Miss Dot said…
What a fun adventure! Are you in Paris often? Such a lucky girl! My favorite is that cupcake with the meringue spook. Different from anything I've seen!

Thank you for sharing with us :) I'm trying to live vicariously through your pictures! Haha.
Ingrid_3Bs said…
I want! It all looks wonderful!

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