Chocolate Fudge

Last week I was browsing my food cabinet when I spotted a can of condensed milk. I'm not sure how long it has stood there, but I couldn't even remember buying it. One of my favorite things to do late at night is to surf the internet and watch food network episodes. I can't really say it's a good use of my time, but it's so addictive. So I watched an episode of Nigella Lawson's Express where she made Chocolate Pistachios Fudge, using condensed milk. I omitted the pistachios because I happen to think that texture is very important with fudge, and adding hard nuts would totally ruin it (in my opinion). I really like these, and I love the fact that they're chocolate, because vanilla fudge can be so touthachingly sweet! Rating: 4 out of 5.

Chocolate Pistachio Fudge recipe: Nigella Lawson - Express

- 350g/12oz dark chocolate, at least 70 per cent cocoa solids, chopped
- 1 x 397g/14oz can condensed milk
- 30g/1oz butter
- pinch salt
- 150g/5¼oz unsalted pistachios, shells removed (I omitted the pistachios)

- Place the chopped chocolate, condensed milk, butter and salt into a heavy-based pan over a low heat and stir until melted and well combined.
- Place the nuts into a freezer bag and bash them with a rolling pin, until broken up into some large and some small pieces.
- Add the nuts to the melted chocolate mixture and stir well.
- Pour the mixture into a 23cm/9in square tray, smoothing the top with a wet palette knife.
- Let the fudge cool, then refrigerate until set.
- Cut into small pieces approximately 3cm x 2cm/1¼in x ¾in. Cutting 7 x 7 lines in the tin to give 64 pieces best achieves this.
- Once cut, the fudge can be kept in the freezer - there's no need to thaw, just eat straight away.

This recipe really is so incredibly easy. All you have to do is add all of the ingredients together and wait for it to melt.

I really don't recommend using foil to cover your pan, like I did. Once the fudge was set, the foil just stuck to the fudge and it was a real pain trying to remove it.

Fudge, fudgier, fudgiest!



apparentlyjessy said…
Siiigh, this fudge looks so delicious I wish I could have a bit right now!
Anonymous said…
I have only attempted fudge once - I usually find it to be too sweet. Perhaps I should try again.
Eliana said…
This fudge looks absolutely delicious. Another winner fron Nigella.
Anonymous said…
Awww thanks - that is a big compliment about my graveyard cupcakes :D - I'm sure yours will be fantastic though as per usual :)
A Bowl Of Mush said…
I haven't tried this fudge yet, I've always wanted to!

Looks really great!
Ingrid_3Bs said…
I like that photo of everything in the pot!
Wow that looks so rich. I bet I'd love it but could only eat a tiny bite at a time hehe. I left you an award on my blog. Please come by if you get the chance :).
Stephanie said…
This is so perfect. I need to make fudge for a local fair and will use this.
Jelli said…
This is my favorite way to make fudge. It really fools guests into thinking you spent hours with candy thermometers, when all you do is melt, mix, cool. Tastes great too, I must confess. This is why I save it for special occasions.
Bev said…
i made this fudge last night and even though i made it excatly the way it says mine is much darker and hubby doesnt like it as it is too dark for him, more for me. Now off to look see if there are any other different fudgie flavours out there.... sigh i will never be slim lol
Paris Pastry said…
Mine was quite dark but in the photographs the fudge looks lighter. Hope you liked the recipe!
Bev said…
well put it this way its all gone and im of to make some more now

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